Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 15: Hot Bowl

Every saturday will be my outing day with ALvin. he will be my tour guide while me keeping him accompany throughout his lonely weekend.
White curry at Hot Bowl
After adding Chilli.
the very best steam chicken i ever had. simple look but amazingly nice taste.
Botanical Garden
Alvin posing with flowers
remember this? in Zombie eat your brain?
cute mini animals
bought 5 ribbons and wrote down all my wishes. alvin saw all my wishes. but there's one ribbon he will not understand.
for family, academic, career, relationship, and luck
will all the wishes come true?
Guan Yin statue. the wishing ribbons are all hung on a tree with golden branches.
hopefully Guan Yin will fulfill all the wishes=)
My Chinese Zodiac
Had coconut jelly after Kek Lok Si, it was a hot and humid day.
when i saw this castle owned by Datuk Kunishi, i remember the Love Story music video.
went to Lorong Selamat Char Kuew Teow. that's not the main purpose anyway, we went there to watch the Bak Hu auntie rap.
anybody who understands Hokkien will surely laugh when listening to her.
requested to take photo with her, immediately she grabbed Bak Hu and PokPia ask me to pose near her stall. very good business advertising skill=)
Air Buah Pala.
Papo Guling Peng.
Hot Pan mee at northam cafe.
Cincau Laici at Pappa Rich for supper.

will be riding tomorrow. i overloaded myself with all the penang nice food, its time to burn them all.


K3vski said...

I think all your wishes are already coming true, including relationship, based on your previous posts kekeke.

You just have to act kekeke.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

most of my wishes have been fulfilled. but not the relationship one. Those are the impossibles in my life Kevin.
Ironman hold on to the motto impossible is nothing, so i'm not a true Ironman.=p

sakibakidaki said...

Chan! i can not help not to laugh upon your picture with the mini stone animals. glad you had a great stay at penang. *ahem!* and continue to enjoy your life outside while you are able to. :)