Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 14: Bullet Proof but not Durian Proof

my 2nd session coaching Ethan, he has been doing well in all the swim drills i gave him.
i asked him "are u tired?" for many million times throughout the 1.5 Hours.
all his replies were "no i'm not"

he is quite a fast learner. first session i made him do all the kicking drills and he made it across the pool, many times. to my surprise, today i managed to convince him to take off his arm float.
the hardest part was to persuade him to do new drills. the bond between coach and the kid must be good to make learning process more effective. I'm a military man, but i've never shouted at him. the satisfaction of mine really can't be described when he always impress me with all the well done drills.

he swallowed water many times.
"u are a boy, it's normal to swallow water when learning swimming, be brave"
he seemed to trust my words and always calm even after he vomited.
the best part was trying to convince him to jump into the pool by himself, he was so reluctant to jump. i told him "u gotta trust me if u wanna swim fast, don't worry i'll be here if u choke"

thanks to Jamie for lending me her kickboard.
the durian at Batu Feringgi punctured my Ultremo. it can be Kevlar coated bullet proof, but not Durian proof.

changed my rear tire Schwalbe Ultremo to GP4000S.
studied about tires for many days and this is what i can afford to replace my Schwalbe.
i'm downgrading to a lower grade tire, what to do right?
i'm currently very broke. paid my 300 ringgit rental, 175 for this tire, 200 phone bill, the others left for me to survive till end of next month.

Impossible is nothing? not quite...
we are impossible

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