Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 13: 4th Year in Defence University

today marked the 4th year me surviving National Defence University of Malaysia.

got a phone call when i was working. i was so happy to hear you did a great job. good start motivates u, keep the momentum high and hope to hear more good news.
Drove to Air Itam to look for Continental Tires. came back with disappointment.
this shop don't have Continental Tires, then they promote Michelin saying Michelin got better grip.
better grip = more resistance = reduction of speed.

my stay in Penang, i hope to do what I've always wanted to do. nobody controls me. despite driving in traffic jam, i enjoy doing it.
had Home Made Egg Noodles AGAIN! this time followed by duck mee hoon.

1 hour after dinner, went to the gym. tried out my 2XU trishorts.
10 minutes warming up at pace 14. then i did pace 16 for 10 minutes effortlessly.
every time after taking duck, i just feel very strong. i'm gonna do more experiment on this new magic food. i did pace 16 without hard effort!

I'm cocky. I have high confidence and strongly believe in myself.
Unleashing my aggression and confidence in sports is the key to success. I do unleash me confidence through my tongue very often, making people take it as "over confident".
without the confidence and determination, i will never made it to the finishing line of Ironman for 3 times successively.

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