Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 11: I'm not naked

Human Performance Multiplied.
13km time trial for average of 38km/h maximum speed of 55km/h.
new personal course record. all thanks to my compression wear Super Elite 2XU.
the head wind was so strong and i squeezed myself to reduce frontal area which causes drag.
attire : MET aero helmet, SuperElite, Sidi T2, Smiley Socks, and Sun Glasses.
Nutrition : Power Bar Endurance, 1 scoop with 500ml plain water.

my Time Trial route everyday.

Had 2 bowls of Home Made Egg Noodles.
Apam with Bak Hu in it.
friendship is all about trust. u need to earn it.
EARN means a lot to me. i'm not a talented man, been achieving all my goals the hard way...

Ironman's motto : Impossible is nothing
Chan Jun Shen : so many impossibles in life, so many uncertainties.

was at the guard house this morning and one old man came to me "awak Chan kan?"
i looked at him wondering who this old man is... "ye saya, macam mana encik tau nama saya?"
ignoring my question, he asked another one "awak pernah pergi PLKN Chamang kan?"
i dislike the feeling where people know too much about me without me knowing who they are. i would prefer both side communication, and if he has got rank, I'll acknowledge his rank. if he deserves it, common military protocol.
finally, got to know that his daughter was once with me in National Service.
Luckily i did well in NS and he has good perception on me. or else my days in Prai Power Plant will be days in hell.

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