Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to mount extra bottles on your bike

Lets see how the Pros do it. Racing in hot condition requires proper hydration to avoid heat stress and increase of core body temperature, dehydration, and performance drop.

I'm using a size 48 Polygon Helios 700 Full carbon. this frame is slightly smaller than the old CSK which gives me slight advantage on aerodynamic. HOWEVER, i have trouble mounting 2 water bottles on my frame, one on the seat tube and another on down tube.

Solution: we refer to the Pros.

Chris Lieto, 2 aero bottles and one under the saddle.
the one under saddle is the most unique and is his trademark. safe and secured, aerodynamic as well. fastest bike split in Kona. no rocket science here, i did this to my bike. just need 4 cable ties. However, it's a rocket launcher. hit any bumps, it will launch.
Chris McCormack,2 bottles. nothing special.
Craig Alexander, One aero bottle, one bottle on down tube, two under saddle.
i wouldn't want to carry extra weight on my bike. 4 bottles is enough for me to shower.
Eneko Ilanos, one aero bottle, a gatorade on the aero bar
the one on his aero bar is actually a special bracket made to be fasten on the head tube.
Faris al Sultan, on the seat tube, and one in his hand.
he is a camel. drink so little. the year before, he slipped in one bottle into his speedo providing better air flow to his butt as well=p

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