Monday, March 7, 2011

Army Day

kids put on camo cream on their faces and posed with GPMG.
Malaysia made Adnan tank.
this boy put on whole parachute set complete with backpack attached to the harness.
he proudly said that it wasn't heavy at all and bragged that he is so used to carrying heavy rice sacks. the worst part was, his mum kept praising her son while her son showing off.

my view : the load u carried was not the real weight, don't be too proud. and u stood still, the paratroopers have to run with all those thing. showing off in front of paratroopers is such a stupid thing. u might not know they're actually laughing at u.
all the sky divers made super accurate landing on Merdeka Square
this commando captain dressed up in Battle Order and took photos with the visitors. kids were scared of him for his fierce looking face. However, the kids got closer as he was friendly and funny to them.

posing with the guy from Signal Kor.

more photos of Hari Tentera Darat, go to my facebook.

my new skin. "souvenir" from 190km Broga ride.
this masseur doesn't speak English, Mandrin or Cantonese. had a hard time trying to understand his sign language. had 60mins of whole body massage for RM60, it was really good. but my lower body still sore, so i added another RM25 for 30 mins lower body. he showed my posture that caused pain on my neck, back, thighs and calves. it was so obvious that it is a riding position. then i showed him photos of me cycling.

had high tea with family and relatives at Renaissance Hotel. it was a great carbo loading session for me, spent most of the time talking to relatives.

bought myself a 82 ringgit earphone from Low Yat. sweat proof, washable, and the sound is really great. the frequency range is wide, very sensitive, average frequency response, and rich bass too=) come with adjustable ear clips, will try it out for my next long run.

it was a superb weekend.

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