Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno Run

it was my best 21km so far.
actually i've NEVER done any exact 21km half marathon. this is my first. 3 years back in Desaru i did 1 hour 50 minutes.

flagged off, i was pacing an old man. felt comfortable with his pace and stride length, and i did notice that my stride length is a bit too long and cadence too slow for long distance. so i followed him. i was breathing steadily, no hard effort at all. come 30 minutes, it's time to fly. saw Barry Lee passed by, and slowly he disappeared.

got another faster pace setter, from Chap Ayam runners. it lasted 20 minutes, then it's a good bye. i was aiming for 1 hour 20 minutes. the race has been going for almost one hour, so i guess i will just take the risk to push a little harder for the final 30 minutes. the pain in my left ankle is irritating, enduring the pain for final 30km is not a big problem.

poured many cups of water every time i pass water station, can feel the warm water dripping down my body. engine is over heating i guess. saw runners wearing Newton shoes, compression wear, calf guard, compression socks, bring gels along the run, putting on the skin squeezing 2xu, and the list will go on and on... i'm sure they have Tri back ground. Pure runners will wear running vest and make it very simple. Triathletes' are big fan of technology and sport science=p

me being Ironman Triathlete, I love to shower on the run, and I constantly eat during the run. that's just me. no walking at all, even at water station i run and grabbed the cups. there were kids at the water station, they were like " WoW!!!" when they saw me grabbed 5 cups at one time. haha.

dropped 2kgs for this run and modified my running posture a bit, the result was great=) i was 3 minutes behind Barry Lee, crossed the line in 1 hour 29minutes.

no podium though. in fact, the lucky draw is more expensive than the podium prizes.
one of them, a 12 thousand Jacuzzi.
IM OP Sofian, 14 Times Ironman Finisher
Sir, please keep the standard high. I'm gonna beat that record=p i still have many more years to go, and currently have 3 Ironmans in hand. hahaha=p
IM OP AJ, IM OP Chan, IM OP Sofian.
Iron River produces Ironmans.
IM OP Kam, OP Chan Senior, IM OP Chan, IM OP AJ, OP Chan(my brother)

bought myself a Nathan race belt come with elastic strap for gels. and today's Tsunami in Bareno run was Singaporean Mok's stellar performance, 21km for 1 hour 7 minutes. he kicked all Kenyans in the ass. for a non black guy to do that, it was amazing! and mind you, he is not a full time athlete. it was my first time to see him in person. those days when i started Triathlon when i was 15, his name always top the list.

can Malaysians do that???? Malaysia Boleh=p
all the male in this photo, are OPs.
Kak Julie belanja Ice Cream after the run=) thanks a lot Kak=)
it is so hilarious for IM Sofian(the one in sarong) to call her "kak". haha so funny=p
Rodalink Hartamas, Giant products 50% off.
Azrul x Game with his dream bike... RM32000.


K3vski said...

Good timing, well done!

nanalili said...

May i ask a question, behind every man is a woman he loves, who is the woman behind Tuan salman 's success. did he ever mention to u who is his inspiration and the one and only love of his life?

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, not good enough to climb up podium. hey, good luck for yr 70.3=) looking forward to read yr race report.

Nanalili, why not u ask me who is the woman behind me?=p haha. actually Tuan Salman's private life is not for me to trespass. he is my senior and many girls like him, triathletes are hot u know?=p haha. he is a legend anyway, truly gained my respect. are u his girl?

nanalili said... can i tell, it is invation of privacy, who is that pious lady that u wrote (awek tudung labuh)..i wish iam that lady..gee...

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

have we met before?=) how come u know so much about Tuan Salman?

nanalili said...

erm.....never mind, its not important who am i.. r u still in good talking terms with him? send my regards to him, i'm really enthusiastic to know who's the lucky girl..i wonder if she is good enough to be his lucky charm..

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

nanalili : to be fair to both party, i won't be answering your questions till u answer mine=)