Saturday, March 5, 2011

Broga Reverse Killer

slept for only one hour before this grueling 190km ride.

Polygon Helios 700 making his debut at the Killer Broga Hills

not gonna talk about how hard it was. no wonder how well prepared u are to conquer the 3 killer hills, it still hurts your legs very badly. the moment u ride this route, u understand how we feel. i did this route many time, it hurts me very badly everytime. but i will still keep doing it=p
in fact, on my 19th Birthday, i asked my parents to let me ride to Broga.

Far left is zulkarnain. his bike wasn't in good condition and he is not those lead pack riders, i doubt if he can complete actually. so we sheltered him all the way.
However, with his strong will and determination, he made it to the top. didn't plan to stop by Broga Hill which is opposite the rabbit farm, i caught a glimpse of whole big bunch of aweks. yea, we gotta stop and refuel our morale tank=p as usual, terus jadi selebrity. siap ada DSLR tangkap gambar, minggu depan masuk majalah maskulin. then we rested at the rabbit farm, Sifu wanted to go toilet which is inside the farm.
the lady said : "buy 5 ringgit ticket to enter the farm". sengal...

at Bukit Tangga, it was raining so heavily and was shivering all the time. the rain drops were extraordinarily big one, feel like being pierced as i cruised down the hills at 68km/h. all of us didn't stop pedaling despite the 2 hours heavy rain. i rode without aero bar for the first time.
oh yes, exceeded the speed limit=p

training in cold is really not my stuff, i rather train at humid and hot condition. that's why i race the hottest Ironman on earth. my legs were sore and refused to hammer the pedals! i was shaking all the way from Peras till Batu 18. u have no idea, how i wished i have a hot cup of coffee right next to me.

I'm sure all of u had a great time today. I'm proud to be part of u, it's an honour to be the organizer for today's ride. we shared the load to slice the wind with single file drafting. Lim did a great job pulling us 10km non stop after he drank hot milo at Laksa Buyung stall..

Max speed 68.4km/h
Total Distance 190.99km
AVG 26.9km/h

my legs sore, arms and thighs suntanned, bike all dirty, white saddle turned yellowish.
why am i doing all this? i actually asked this question to 5 of them. i told them, i'm trying to prove to people that i'm capable of doing the extremes, immediately they agreed with me.

i'm impressed with their ability, the strong determination to complete this legendary killer route. seriously. they will make Ironman one day, one fine day. guys, u all did great.
u made me proud=)

Tuan Farid, Sifu, Nain, Lim Shimri. the first timer who went there blind and rode the first 50km like OD speed. they are crazy, but they did it. CONGRATULATIONS!

Farhan and I, we are the older generation. it's time to help others=)

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