Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blind cycling

5th February 2011
blind cycling without direction, aimed to clock 40km.
resulted route: setiawangsa-MRR2-lebuh raya shah alam- summit USJ-bukit jalil- bukit bintang-times square-lebuh raya Akhleh-setiawangsa

the plan was to cycle 40km, but i missed the junction so i went all the way up to summit USJ. bumped into few cyclists on the road.

i was lost actually. i just cycle around looking for Pusat Bandaraya. that's what my mum told me when we were little.

at this point, both thighs cramped. ran out of electrolytes coz somebody ate my beans.
Max speed 62km/h
AVG 30km/h
Distance 72km
heart rate data lost due to improper fit of chest strap.

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Jamie Ng said...

U ought to be careful of bean-thiefs =P