Saturday, February 12, 2011

Team Time Trial

Team TT Competition intra Kelab Sukan Lasak was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. the Tuah cadets have OC disposal, Aiman went for Lab at shah alam, and few others who just woke up from sweet evening nap. However, not a good excuse for me to cancel training.

today's routine:
morning : sword marching
afternoon : cross country
evening : cycling

yes, we are superman.

so, we did a Team Time Trial.
suhaime, amirul, mek, stuart, fitri, mizi, afif, chan
the double file TEAM lasted for only one loop. the rest was me and amirul take turn to draft.
Team TT is best when all the team riders riding at the same speed and have the same strength.
a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

the ride was short caused by the overcast weather then turned to rain.
amirul and I were both swaying when riding at above 40km/h, the wind was so strong and i really doubt if amirul can steadily maintain his aero position. i was holding the brake most of the time just in case he goes off balance. i was leaning to the wind direction at Dewan Dato Jamil.
my brain did a simple analysis, we cycle from Puzida to 1st RAMD against the wind. but from 1st RAMD to Puzida, it favors us as we're going same direction. so, i start hammering up to 51km/h easily. as usual, another breakway by amirul and i...

we decided to call it a day, the road is slippery and our tires are not really suitable to roll on wet asphalt especially when come to sharp corners.

above is the analysis of today's ride. it's time to be more detail with training data and review my week by week performance.
overall, i'm not satisfied because i'm not tired, and didn't achieve my aimed average speed. could have done a lot better. and i'm not tired with excessive energy in the body need to be channeled to some other activities tonight. currently no idea what to do...
or may be should start preparing for next week's academic test.

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