Monday, October 25, 2010

Mother's Love

just now i was busy preparing for tomorrow's fluid test. i was suppose to take my antibiotic at 9pm. it has been my habit to sms while studying since those days when i was preparing for spm.
suddenly my phone beep, i got so excited, was hoping that sms from my friend. it was nearly 10pm.

it turned out to be my mum "Ubat blum?"

within minutes, i broke into tears. my mum always have the kids in her heart, but the kids hardly sms or even call her. normally i will call my parents once a week, sometimes even missed it. when i need help, that is the time when parents and the kids talk a lot. other than that, 3 of us spent most of our time in our own world.
i have been spending all my time for sports, sms, facebook, studies, and military routine. only once a week i go home, honestly sometimes i do feel reluctant. all mother nags, because they care. they scold, because they want the best for the kids. even me, mature enough to think, still feel uneasy when she starts nagging.

the 2 words sms i got just now, touched my heart deeply and made me feel very very bad. my mum knows what time i'm suppose to take antibiotics, but i hardly put her as my priority. my suffering days in hospital, she spent hours giving me undivided attention hoping that i will recover fast and accelerate my healing process. but when she was in the hospital the kids did nothing but just visiting her.

when i was in the ward couldn't even push the flush, she was the one who flush for me.
i couldn't shower after operation, being a mama's boy, she wiped by body with wet towel.
the incision still in healing process and every cough or sneeze will hurt me badly, she will make me warm water to clear my throat.

i am willing to spend my time to write this post, to remind myself of this incident. just in case one day when i become successful in life, i shall never forget my roots, and those people who sacrificed for me. i cannot resist from crying while writing this post, even Ironman have feelings.

"i can be an Ironman, survived extreme distance races. But when i am in pain and walk very slowly, those people who are willing to walk with me, are those people who will walk with me in my journey of life"

being a 3 times Ironman finisher is nothing, I'm forever anak mak.

just a short post, gonna study now. eyes swollen already=p

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Drey Biby is her name said...

im touch~~~not jst u feel like fact everyone...nice sharing...get well soon mr. ironman anak mak=))