Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snatch Thieves vs 3 Times Ironman Finisher

i went to sungai wang after getting the approval from my parents to go outing. Jun Win and Jun Kwan both dispersed to their own direction. we have to be home by 6.30pm, so i settled my celcom broadband and all bills that need to be paid.
i bought Jun Win a Golla bag since he told me that he needs a lap top bag. being an elder brother, i seldom buy stuff for him as all the 3 of us are earning our own income. Jun Win and I are both sponsored by the Ministry of Defence. look at the strap of the bag. torn right??
i reached the LRT station at around 5pm, somehow i don't feel like calling my mum to fetch me like how i used to. rather walk all the way home since i hardly exercise during the holiday. after all, today is the last day puasa, wish to walk around the Bazar for the one last time. when coming down from station, i saw my mum's car, so i called Jun Win to stop. coincidentally, we came back same time!=) i ran to look for the car, must be nearby.

THEN, i called Jun Win when i couldn't find them. right after i put down the call, a motor stopped by my side. i was thinking, "must me some old friend of mine"..
within split second, he grabbed my bag and pulled!
i fought with them, 2 of them on the motorbike, one rider, the other one kept pulling.
i have no intention to give up at all. i grasped the bag so tight, and ran backward as hard as i could. both snatch thieves tried to go faster but this very strong Ironman is pulling from the back. 50 meters i ran with the motor, i didn't shout at all! i was so focused, and never gave up to save the bag.
the 50m fight was tough, but not tough enough to bring me down. i lie down my body to use my weight to drag the motorbike. i pulled so hard till the motorbike off balance. they have to give up. rider at the back finally let go. I'm a bloody BLACK BELT, 3 Times Ironman Finisher, and Duathlete of The Year la bastard! how can i lose to them right?
i got back everything, just minor scratches all over the body. I'm here to tell all the stupid snatch thieves, never challenge me! u have no idea who i am! u simply snatch my bag, u're lucky i didn't have dagger with me.
my mum insisted me to make police report. i don't feel like making police report because not much they can do. even in the police station my mum non stop checking here and there to ensure no serious injury. have to tell her all the time that i'm okay.I'm a soldier boy, can take care of myself. how can i convince her not to worry about his son who has been trained in Iron River for the past 7 years?!
New Balance 903 vs Motorbike.

the winner...

New Balance Powered by Iron legs.

despite mild pain and bruises, i never regret. i taught the snatch thieves a good lesson. the final day of Puasa still wanna commit crime. if i gave up just now, the snatch thieves will keep snatching other people's bag.
need to get myself new black belt. i am a taekwondo BLACK BELT, please don't get confused.
Police Report
feeling a little pain on my right knee.
Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

Last but not least, to all UPNM cadets:
this incident proven that i'm well trained enough, it worth all the sweat we dripped every Friday's class Tempur Tanpa Senjata. i was strong enough to pull two men on a motorbike till they have to give up.


Bert said...

wow, tu la mat pau salah org yg dorg nak pau, lain kali ko setel smpai habis je dorg ni

L.e.y.h.a said...

nsib la diorg x kene TTS dgn u kan chan...btw..take care of urself..=)

Amirul Hafiz said...

ko buat rebahan ke kanan kan. Lain kali buat rebahan ke belakang baru boleh kick makhluk2 berdosa tersebut ke atas!