Thursday, September 9, 2010

Core Zone

came back from Core Zone with all the stuff above. i won 3 RM 5o vouchers during the MUDS 2010, so i have to finish all the 3 coupons by end of october, the uncertainty of my holiday is the biggest problem need to be solved. best solution, finish the coupon before holiday ends.
this is the Camel Bak bottle which i've been looking for, with JET STREAM valve.
what kind of sleeping bag is this? can buy my bed la..
looking at the tag, my jaw dropped and eye balls almost fall out! all items in Core Zone are super expensive, but the quality is superb=) saw a very nice tights for trail running, then i flipped the price tag, RM 429. haha! can get a compression tights with that price la, can buy a trisuit even. not that it'll make me run any faster.
Platypus bottle, RM58? no thanks..
here comes my new toy, it is so damn loud! even my ears pain when blowing it. i hereby announce and acknowledge this is the LOUDEST whistle in the WORLD!

1 comment:

Zamil Afiq said...

tak berbaloi la 58.50..
kalo boleh bagi rase manis takpe la jugak..hehe..