Thursday, September 16, 2010

Final week of Holiday

Tuesday went out with Jamie. chit chat then buffet. catch up with a long lost friend.
Wednesday Day trip to Pangkor. it was abang alang's idea to go Pangkor. sounds really crazy to go Pangkor, and come back in 24 hours time. that was what we did yesterday. anyway, it was really enjoyable to have great company Alang Bendahara, Amirul Hafiz, Ahmad Syazwan and Aiman Halim.
we went fishing. bought 18 ringgit of fishing equipment for 4 part time anglers. but abang alang didn't wanna fish, so he lepak at the beach. our bait was simple, cheap but effective. we picked up mussels from the rocks, then break the shell. we even use the wrapper of Twisties to attract the fish. i got a Crab, but it dropped before i land it. Amirul successfully brought up a Kerapu. according to the local people, 1kg cost 36 ringgit.
this will be our dinner. i read it from the survival book that this mussels can be eaten.
Abang Alang with his Crab=)
while snorkeling, we picked up sea cucumber and caught 4 fishes.
this is Abang Alang's watch, Timex. it looks tougher and stylish when we put it in the shell. and a pirate at the back just found his treasure, with 2 dead fish guarding the watch=p
Pangkor's Product.
on our way home after seafood dinner. Siakap, ikan pari, kerapu, siput kerbau.

Today, cycled to the Curve. my first time using the Camel Bak bottle for cycling. the Jet Stream valve's water flow is too fast, i just have to use a little force to squeeze the bottle. before this all the bottles that i have are all hard bottles, so used to squeeze it hard.
Overall performance...
Distance 52km
Average 35.7km/h
Max Speed 52.6km/h

could have done better.

i was lost when coming home, luckily i found my way back. sondol saja. the max speed was achieved in the tunnel to mutiara damansara. luckily i wore reflective on my calf. else, i don't think the cars can see me in the tunnel. traffic was good when going to The Curve, but a little busy when coming back. the best part is, i bumped into Amirul on the highway. he was on the way Beraya.

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