Sunday, September 26, 2010

Newton Run 2010

a day before the Newton Run, the Chinese Cadets were allowed to leave UPNM for mid-autumn festival. left UPNM at 1300H, straight to Midvalley. a day before race, i will put on my compression tights. i went to Midvalley to meet up with Jamie, while waiting for her, i walked around and saw Kannan was there for the fitness concept triathlon challenge. took off my slack, put on my running shoes, here we go! 30 minutes triathlon challenge! i did only 10 minutes on trainer, because somebody was complaining i abandoned her. after all, i'm not gonna win the 3 days 2 night holiday in Bali because i couldn't make it to the final.
Jamie and Yvonne
i met Yvonne 4 years ago when she came to kasturi with Jamie, she had a bad first impression on me because i didn't even bother to smile or talk to her=p anyway, we had a great chat yesterday. the siblings are very friendly, talk a lot, like to joke, and very funny.
Jamie Ng and Chan Jun Shen
she is studying dentistry, just came back from India. 3 more years to go.
i told her, i couldn't feel the "winning beat". if i were to win any race, i need to have the beat. that's the sign of winning. i know tomorrow will not be my day.
Kannan Murugasan the Ultraman, conducting fitness class on a cycling machine. he is so damn fit. hope one day i can complete the Ultraman.
here comes my Newton Run race report.
i made Jamie to wake me up at 3.45am. i told her that if she doesn't wake me up, i'll miss the bus=p actually i have my team mates who can always give me morning call.
race starts, i can feel the beat, but not very strong.

first 5km, i had a good start. the Moroco race leader disappeared within 3 minutes, he is super fast. i was in the chase pack, top 10 overall. i was running with ankle pain, i doubt i can finish the 25km. the pain was annoying, whenever i widen my stride, i feel the sharp pain near my Achilles tendon.

before the 10th kilometer, the pain worsen and that was the end of my day. from top 10, more than 100 over runners overtook me. the feeling of being overtaken by 100 over runners nearly make me cry. i was very very demoralized, i couldn't even keep up with those slow runners. so many people passed by shouted my name, telling me to keep going, asking if i'm fine and bla bla...

for 6 kilometers i walk, and run, and sit by the road side, overtaken by more and more people. i tried to run, but the pain bring me to halt. i was the verge of giving up, feel like raising my hand and call the marshals to take my bib and send me home. as i promised, i will survive the distance. the Iron will in me that kept me going, i was limping all the way. i have another 15 kilometers to go!

i stopped by the road side, went to one nasi lemak stall and begged for ice. i told the lady that i don't have money with me and i was in pain. i poured whole pack of ice into my compression socks.
OP Sofian caught me up, he is a 13 times Ironman finisher. i respect him as my senior, and also an actively racing veteran. i ran together with him, we chit chat while running, it made me feel so much better. he shared his experience in Ironmans and Marathons, at the same time we paced each other. i will finish the race with him=) without his company, the final 10 kilometers will be super torturous to me. glycogen level getting low as the distance goes longer, i was craving for Pizza i had yesterday in Midvalley. i was very very hungry.

seeing the 2kilometer mark, i felt so happy as the race will end soon. but the final few kilometers seems like 10kilometers. come on Ironmans! keep going!

the worst and painful run i ever had in my life. i'm serious.

lain kali kalau dah sakit, jangan mengada-ngada nak lari jarak jauh.

on completion of my race, i called my important ones. my mum, my dad and few other friends.
Barry Lee and I. we're both young and energetic.
Kelvin Yew and I
Total Field, the distributor of Power Bar. they're all my good friends.
Peter and Chan
OP Kam, Azmar, OP Chan
look at the Compression Socks... macam nak main bola.
Newton Running Shoes
Laundry after race is the one and only thing i hated so much when i race. imagine after hours of racing, i pushed my body to the limit, came back in pain, and then hand wash my race kit? i have no washing machine here, so i gotta hand wash.

my mum came to UPNM, sent me flour and vinegar to treat my ankle. my grandma came along too=) this traditional way of treating injury is very weird, but it really helps. i am still looking for explanation how does it works?

*nasib baik mak aku datang dengan ambulan kancil biru bersama bantuan perubatan. kalau tak, aku mati katak kat UPNM ni.

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