Thursday, September 2, 2010

Journey of Life

this whole month, study, test, assignments, sleep, eat, rest, movie
this is the TOILET paper for all the big asses. available in Fluid Lab.
my Platoon on duty to serve Battalion Lekir during puasa month.
this is for all the cadets to buka puasa. the portion is big, for big stomach cadets. we are piranhas.
every weekend we'll have to stand by bed during regimental maintenance day. i'm 7 years officer under training, 4 years in RMC, 3 years in UPNM.
our room condition during inspection. the folded mattress is Jay's bed. he already left UPNM for Russia. will pursue his degree in Medicine. wish u all the best Jay=)
Our study desk. by 2359H all lights off. how to study? find your own way!
this is our farewell buka puasa dinner together with jay. bought all the food from bazar ramadhan.
another lunch Buffet at Shabu One
this whole month obviously i overloaded too much unnecessary fats. no worries, will burn those extra calories during holiday.
this will be the very last time i see jay before he leave malaysia. i've known him for 7 years. since RMC till today. i did feel sad seeing this picture despite all this while he annoy me with his attitude=p
my room mates. Jay is making a big U Turn in his life. may be his passion is to become a doctor rather than an engineer. as long as his parents can afford it, should be no problem. out of 10 RMC boys in UPNM, 2 already quit. Arif Selo faced the No 3 board because of medical problem, and now Jay is leaving UPNM. hopefully i am on the right path.
surviving the journey of life is tough, way tougher than finishing the Ironman distance. or may be equally hard. but those who survived both truly have the strong will in them to accomplish goals in life.
can u see how hard IM is?
tears after breaking UPNM's Ironman record. 12 hour 6 minutes 34 secs.

all tests over, time for training and fat burning. currently 56kgs, suppose to be 54. today i did my personal best for individual time trial 16km MUDS cycling route, average of 35.7km/h, max speed 50km/h. with the 2kgs extra weight i can make personal best? haha thatz really funny. i was stressed up with all the tests and assignments, so i bike hard today to release all the tension.

i'm desperate for holiday, seriously! 3 years in UPNM, this is the very first time i'm feeling excited to go home. plan to look for cycling route, Duke highway is just nearby, will be my new playground=p

Jamie told me that she eats cereal bars during exam, brain also need good food. i'm not a morning person, the first 2 hour of morning class, i'll fall asleep despite i try not to. so i took Power Gel=p haha, it really works! i even stayed awake for 26 hours for the sake of Strength of Material test, with the help of Power Gel. i guess it is because of the 2x caffeine.

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Drey Bie said...

salute u bro!!! good job in completing ur Ironman distance..