Sunday, July 25, 2010

UPNM malakoff university duathlon series 2010

a week before race, those who manage to answer my questions will be given a Power Bar DVD. a personal gift from me as a Power Bar ambassador.
23 July 2010
a day before the race, Kak Julie gave a talk about pre race preparation. she gave a very nice power point presentation, easy to understand and she controlled the crowd very well=) i start to feel very nervous about this race, racing in my own university going to be my hardest challenge for this year. honestly, i want to win. and i need to. it doesn't really matter whether who will take the podium, as long as they're my team mates. throughout the week, i constantly feel the adrenaline rush in my legs even when i'm sitting in the class.

strong support from UPNM students and participants.
Kak Julie giving her talk about Nutrition and how to change tire.
every evening, intake 2008 will teach the juniors with new knowledge.
i'm still recovering from my ankle pain. over training is no good. i'm not 100% in good condition for this year's MUDS. anyway, will do my very best. it has been bothering me for nearly one month. oh ankle, please get well soon...
heart start pumping fast and start with great wide stride by all participants.
from my face, u can see how tired it is to race a duathlon. some participants came to me telling that i've completed Ironman, so this race should be easy for me, but it is not. sprinting is not an easy task. i have to shift my rhythm from IM pace to short sprint pace.
the first run was relatively slow for me as i start to feel mild pain at my ankle. dare not push to hard to prevent serious injury.
ahmad gave his best shot even though he came back from work very late yesterday.
what a great combination. shoes off before entering transition. is actually the 3rd discipline u need to master in duathlon. my final run was hard. i start to feel stitches all over my abs, but i made good use of my knowledge to counter it=) Power Gel saved me from cramping during the final run. fuh! straight after i completed the race, i walked to the side of running route to support my team mates who are still running. i took out few packets of Power Gels to boost up my team mates especially the ladies. Farhana almost vomited when she suck in gels. i told her to hold, and breathe, then drink. after a squeeze of gel, she finished the race strong. Fitrah did a great job by winning no1 among the Uni Ladies category. she trains for one month. brought her out for cycling days ago and was very very surprised with her ability and smoothness when climbing=) she is really talented. all thanks to both her pace maker Farhan and Black who did a great job supporting her.
we're given the chance to ride this mini jeep after our lunch at FORZE military concept restaurant near the Wangsa Walk.

if i were to mention all those who contributed to this race, i will definitely left out some. i feel very happy for winning this race, at my own university. at the same time, i sincerely feel proud to be part of Kelab Sukan Lasak UPNM.
VC, TNC, Pengarah ALK, CO, all the Deans, HEPA, Lt Col Ananthan, my parents and team mates, all volunteers, Kak julie, Mej kalam... thanks for the support throughout our training=)

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