Friday, June 11, 2010

9th - 11th June

wednesday 9th June.
meeting with our Pegawai Koordinasi Leftenan Mohd Faizal Mahmood.
voiced out numerous daily issues that need to be solved. he was from UPNM, and all problems solved very quickly. i spoke on behalf of the cadets to request for water drill at night before sleep and supply them with ample amount of water. fluid replenishment is crucial especially during alpha routine to prevent dehydration. but who thought of that? Leftenan Shan, my senior came to me insisted me to organize water for the cadets. at first i took things for granted as i thought the cadets should be able to get themselves water. surprisingly, they're very poor in organizing something. so, they need help.

10th June Thursday night.
went up to the junior's cabin and taught them how to square up their cabin. everything have to be square because they're undergoing alpha routine square bashing. the 1st year midshipmen assisted me to facilitate the cadets to set up a perfect lay out. gave them 5 minutes to shower because their stinky smell really irritate me. was wondering why the cadets responded slow and reluctant when i talked nicely. so, they're telling me that i need to tukar channel. for every task i give them, i set time frame. failing to complete the task within the time frame given will result in immediate punishment.
how on earth some of the cadets just have shower gel as their "complete toiletries"???
midshipmen Iqbal intake 2008, my sea son (grey shirt) teaching cadet Talhah how to lay out his drawer
we're staying in block D21, all 161 leftenans, hundred over midshipmen, and only 24 cadets. so, we're running out of man power to clean up all passage ways, washroom, dry yard and toilets. all the midshipmen have to involve when come to gotong royong. yet, the cadets still can't keep up with the standard. we're officers under training, time for trial and error, learn from mistakes, and be a good officer.

i organized their lay out till 2am in the morning. before they sleep, i made them shower first. then they'll have a good night sleep. commencing heavy punishment will not solve the problem. that's what the cadets face everyday. a good senior will punish them when required, and guide them in a smart way. after 2 hours of preparing the layout, midshipmen 08, azrin and i helped them out with their lay out. hopefully there will be no pick ups for tomorrow's night round.

11th June.
friday prayers, conflict with the Subbies. jealousy, misunderstanding, no sense of respect, eager for power should be the best answer why this incident happen, it happens on Friday! after prayers! shouldn't we improve our moral and remind ourselves to be good especially after prayers? sensitive issues not to be published in blog.
Luckily, my men didn't fight with them, they kept silent despite they humiliate UPNM with vulgar words. Fuh... or else, WW3 will happen soon. the difference between officers and other ranks is their knowledge, knowledge come first, paper qualification come first, then ranks and power will come.

so, why argue? prove yourself! u know where u stand.


Anonymous said...

giving time frame is one of the best way to 'train' people how to be people..not to be corpse..!


tn chan... jangan gado2... takde ruginye baik ngan orang.. x kene bayar pun.. kalau nak diorang nak salute.. bagi jer.... hidup ni ibarat roda. sekejap kat ats sekejap kat bawah.. hari ni kita kat bawah kejap jer... besok2 kita kat atas lame...

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

tn sham, hari tu memang bahaya. nasib baik tak gado. kalau tak, duax blah mesti salah. nasib baik la budakx ni diam je..