Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5th - 8th June

warrant officer 1 shan will be our next instructor replacing WO 2 bukhari iltizam.
he first came into the class, he was telling us about his experience in the fleet for the past 20 over years. then he asked whose father is serving the navy, i didn't put up my hand. he did mentioned about brilliant captains we have in the fleet who brought up the standard of our fleet namely Captain Sabri, captain khalid and captain chan peng cheong. he didn't know that i'm son of chan peng cheong. then the whole class laughed so loud. then he looked at my name tag to reconfirm, now he knew it. first impression, he has what it takes to be a great navy people. knowing that he met papa since he was leading, i'm sure they know each other very well. both played basketball, and he praised papa for being humble and always stay together with his basketball team despite he was a lieutenant at that time. there're so many things that he said about papa, not gonna write it now. may be later...

yesterday 7th June was a tough day for me. Lt Syed firdaus bin sayed rohani was on duty. being the most senior Officers under training, he checked our room very thoroughly. i already set my requirement and i reminded my men about my standard, surprisingly, they gave me full cooperation and their cabins were up to my standard.
but when tuan syed came in, he told the midshipmen on duty, every room must have pick ups. from there, i know that no matter how, we'll get PT rig. he sweep all dust on the ventilation and railing, and wiped on my face. i had this during alpha routine. Now i'm the Commanding officer of all UPNM midshipmen, and he did that to me, it was super embarrassing. when come to Sabri's room, here comes my very first disaster. he has his wet underwear, wet towel and crumple 2 Bravo hanging in his wardrobe. i can withstand heavy physical punishment, i'm willing to be punished physically than u scratch my pride. Sabri tarnished everything. Tuan syed hanged the wet underwear on my collar and made me walk all the 3 floors. can u imagine???

that incident was very annoying, and i hate those stares when i pass by. then he told me, "if i were to turn a coal into a diamond, i need to put lots of pressure on it". true enough, his words did boost be up. what he said was so true, and knowledge is what he always emphasize on. honestly, i dislike what he did to us. on the other hand, i know that we need that extra pinch from him in order to wake up. what he did to us was very right, being complacent all the time will only lead us to comfort zone and then disaster.

i was under pressure, i have to manage hundred over people. they're future officers and currently pursuing degree, people with good brain is extra hard to handle. when u give command, they will question u, i have to stand by all the good answers to satisfy them. we play give and take. so far, they're obedient good boys and girls=) i understand, we're thinking soldiers. when i meet those officers, they ask me everything from head to toe about my men. so, i have to know everything under the sun. not an easy task. i shouldn't complain nor whine to anybody despite this task is quite challenging. i keep everything in me, and solve myself.

stay calm

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rilex bro.. future panglima musti kene teruk ckit...hehe..tak lama dah...