Sunday, June 13, 2010

12th - 13th June

this whole week we've been exposed to the Damage Control and Fire Fighting on board naval vessel, and also CBRND. time to revise, as next week we'll be studying whole new chapter. my job as future MEO must master all the do-s and don't-s when come to fire fighting.

today after shore leave, i came back early. then i went for base run. last week i did an amazing 20mins 44 secs for 5.5km base run, which was so close to my personal best when i was a cadet. cadet year was tough and rough. we barely have time to rest and all movement from point to point, we have to run. however, i'm now a 2nd year midshipmen, only evening sports i'm involved in, other than that i spend more time studying the technical admin and improve naval knowledge. i was wearing full PT rig when i did the 20.44, and it was very hot in the evening, 4pm! itz a miracle.

just now i was the only human in the stadium, did a base run before entering the stadium.
got back to KDSI, i had mild headache, may be 5pm is still too hot for base run. hopefully it can improve endurance=)

i wish i could have conducive environment to train like in UPNM, but have delicious food in KDSI. KDSI serves us with so many types of local dishes, and everyday we have different menu! and every few days they'll clean up the whole cadet's mess and wipe the table with Detol. KDSI also provide a thick book full of comments, and mostly are good comments. i really praise them for their effort to keep improving their food and service standard=) thumbs up!=)

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