Friday, June 4, 2010

2nd June - 4th June

2nd June, Wednesday. involved in the 5S program in KDSI 1. our presence for the parade at 1430H considered as late despite we ran all the way from KDSI 1 to KD Pelandok. so, we jalan itik round the faculty with kayu balak, we're all punished by Lt Halim. Later, i was sent to Lt Kdr Kamisdan's room. he is a WEO, RSD. suprisingly, he can speak mandrin fluently. another Leftenan Suhaimi, also RSD, can speak 5 languages fluently excluding english and BM. while cleaning up Lt Cdr Kamisdan's room, he taught us about weaponry and the whole gun firing process. after dinner we're given shore leave till 10.30pm. called up my dad and we went for dinner. after roll call, reported to Tuan Syed as usual. hopefully one day i can answer all his questions.

3rd June, Thursday. 2nd day of 5S. Pelandok is running out of time to keep up with the plan, they'll go on leave soon. if they failed to catch up with the plan, the holiday might be canceled. whole faculty extremely busy including innocent us who're attached there. Application letter rejected again, as usual, RE-DO!!! again, i halt the squad infront of the sentry since the sentry refuse to salute the midshipmen. today the PLB wasn't very pleasant with me, may be because my body language looks arrogant. i didn't look into his eyes while talking to him, because in the West Point, juniors shouldn't eye balling the seniors like the tracker on board frigate tracking for missiles. but different officers have different expectation. i did apologize to him. he wanted to punish the whole upnm, i really need to find ways to calm him down. finally i did it!

4th June, Friday
attended the navy plan, speaker was LT hairulizam. when he was halfway explaining, CO captain hatim suddenly walked up to the rostrum and start speaking. as he speaks, 3 guys from upnm was picked up for sleeping during his speech. many more couldn't answer his questions. either bad luck or coincident, all of them are UPNM officers under training. hence, giving the CO a bad impression. the KDSI mids even said "macam ni ke degree holder?". i hate speculation and negative thoughts fired blindly to us. when opportunity comes, we really need to buck up and prove the world that we're competent naval officers.

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