Sunday, May 9, 2010

my Sunnto T6C

wanted to buy this... ended up i'm now having the one below..

screen width : 3cm diameter
thickness : 1cm

i wanted to buy suunto T6c, but ended up i bought this Casio Illuminator. Illuminator looks like suunto T6c and i purposely bought black colour, so that when i look at the watch, i feel like i'm looking at Suunto. this watch is sleek, so less resistance when i swim, 3mm slimmer than Suunto T6c. the digital number is big enough for me to see it clearly while running, and last but not least, it costs me only 39 ringgit instead of 390USD for Suunto T6c.

i need a watch, Mr Tey warned me and almost whack me with his camera at Towerthon for not wearing watch=p haha. this watch is cheap, and serves the purpose of tracking my time. it doesn't have laps or heart rate monitor, but i still think that itz not a good excuse for not performing well. if i have all the data and my performance plateau, no point having all the gadgets. i believe there are still room for improvement, and this watch is the most economic choice. till one day when my performance plateau, and i have more money, then i might spend my money to buy Suunto T6c...

came across this funny toy just now, no doubt it is innovative and not space consuming, easy set up and won't tangle. BUT, i have so many questions in mind... any of the readers have answer, i would appreciate it very much=)

1. Firstly, will it affect the running form??
2. will it cause a runner to float more??
3. what if the wind come sideways?
4. why tie it to the waist? why not chest?

last but not least, can it save my life if i fell while running on the roof top=p haha


K3vski said...

Yalah, it's high time you get yourself a watch. How can you race Ironman without a watch? I can't even run 10km without looking at my watch every 5 minutes :P

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, what watch are u using?=)
do u use heart rate monitor?
yea i agree that my idea of doing an Ironman and looking at the sun to track my time is a damn stupid idea. haha

K3vski said...

I'm using Timex Ironman Flix 100 laps. No heart rate monitor. Still quite old school with my technology lah. Even bike computer has no cadence reader.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

haha why don't u use heart rate monitor? the best heart rate strap on earth is Suunto's comfort belt. i don't feel comfy when wearing the strap except for suunto's. since itz too expensive, so i just wait for next time. hey, Timex Flix also can make 11 hours IM right? haha..

stupeed demon said...

Regarding the parachute, it's used for speed workouts, so the distance of each rep is gonna be short. 1 & 2 will probably not be an issue. As for 3, it also wont be affected much, but you can always change the direction of your run ;).

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

stupeed demon, have we met before?=)
sounds like u tried the parachute before.. hmm if the resistance is high, it will definitely affect your running form (thatz what i assume because i never tried before).

if i were to change my running direction, means i cannot run on straight road right??? so this drill must be done in a big field..

stupeed demon said...

I don't think we met before, haha got to your blog from pm1's blogroll. I am from USM. I have never used the 'chute but I have used similar resistance gear, e.g. harness with someone pulling in place of the 'chute. But some of the sprinters here use the 'chute.

From what I see, the resistance won't be THAT high, maybe less than the harness with someone else pulling. The reason why form will not be affected is because the rep distance is short,like just one straight on the track (100m) at most and you will be focusing on speed and good form. And I mean change direction as in you see which direction is coming from and you face it lah. Haha. If you don't run straight the 'chute won't inflate well. This was what I observed.