Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday Ration

i'm the only young man, and the only wearing trisuit. haha
this is my holiday ration. passed by this hill somewhere near wangsa walk and asked my mum if i can run here. i've been here once, that was years ago... i remember many people ran up there to the big white dome water tank. ran up there with my 2xu trisuit and new balance 903. i pushed a little harder despite i didn't know how high is the climb. in 2 minutes time i reached the tank. haha so near... if u were to compare bukit besi and this hill, this is just tip of the ice berg. my mum climbed one round and i did 3 sets. i've been idle for the past one month, my first training during holiday, here it is=)

slow jog with Jun Win in the evening all the way up to Puncak Setiawangsa. he did one round, then called it a day. both my younger brother Jun Win and Jun Kwan are not very keen to do endurance racing, so i know they're not gonna last long when come to running. but they're better in volleyball, ping pong and badminton. sounds very chinese right?=)

after Jun Win went home, itz just a warm up for me. i just sweat and it didn't tired me at all. decided to do interval. haha i hate intervals very very much, because i feel like my heart gonna pop out and breathing heavily is just not my favourite. but i need speed, so no choice... after 10 sets, the soreness come. yeah, thatz what high quality training is all about. called it a day...

on my way home, saw 5 mountain bikers struggling on the bike climbing Puncak Setiawangsa, they're using the wrong cadence, feel like telling them. forget about it, may be they've Schleck brothers climbing capability.

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