Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KL Towerthon 2010

21st February 2010
get set, go! about 1km sprint uphill to the stairs of KL Tower. look at this picture, our formation. we're in the 4th wave, which is disadvantage. the first 3 waves' participants made the stairs super congested and we had a hard time getting up. moral of the story, register early.

first 100m sprint, i was charging to the front pack to avoid unnecessary blockage. i was at high speed, suddenly an indian guy bent down to adjust his timing chip, i couldn't avoid him and straight away i bang him from the back. my thigh was very painful at that time, and the guy fell on the ground very badly. didn't know that i can create such great impact=p that guy is stupid anyway.

i slowed down a bit to recover my thigh's pain. then slowly i picked up speed, and pushed a little harder when come near the stairs. so many fat guys in the stairs, i don't blame them, they didn't block me on purpose, and i'm not the only participant. i'm inspired by their effort to keep climbing till the top of the tower=)
after the race, Amirul get himself ready for prize giving. (result pun blum keluar lagi).
my intake. Ahmad victoria secret, amirul and I.Ong from UTM, the defending champion of IPTA Team category.

he is the spiderman who climbed KLCC. Tuan Komando even challenged him to climb the Burj Khalifah. i touched him palm, super smooth, how did he climb those towers huh?
budak-budak sengal kategori terencat akal bawah 25 tahun=p

podium finish.
extra allowance for this weekend=)

Tuan Farid in action
this is Mr Tey who always give me advice. when i told him i didn't wear watch during towerthon, he wanted to whack me with his camera=p haha. i'll buy new watch, soon... real soon.


Cik LeYha~~~ said...

ramainya yang wakil buadak2 sengal terencat akal tu. hik3..

cik said...

congrats chan

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

thanks for the compliment=)