Saturday, March 20, 2010

Muscle Tear

days ago, my thigh and calf was super duper in pain after some interval training. i hate intervals, and i'm not good in sprinting. the last time i did interval was 2 years ago (i mean a proper one).
because i'm focusing on iron distance, i didn't want to push myself too hard in the evening training session, then fell asleep during revision period.

but now i re-arranged my schedule, i guess i should be able to chip in few sessions of interval.
talking about the pain, Kak Julie told me that sport massage will accelerate recovery. and i got a bottle of Nivea lotion from the new balance 30km run, so i think i should give it a try.

2 weeks after IM, my body feeling fresh and good. not sure if i'm fully recovered. but i guess i'm done with recovery. so i started with light training then the intervals. after the first interval, no pain. so the 2nd session i increased the intensity, sprinted up block bestari 5 times, muscle sore a bit=p high quality training=muscle sore, then recover. HOPEFULLY.

come to the 3rd session, i climb up block bestari 7 times. wanted to do only 5 times, but so many club members came to train. their presence did boost up my spirit. haha i like to train with whole bunch of committed club members. added another 2 rounds.

AFTER THAT, i can feel every ounce of lactic acid fooling around in my thighs and calves.
i'm not gonna recover in a short time. did a stupid mistake. should have recovered from the previous training before pushing it to 7 sprints.

quickly massage, and drink Power Bar Recovery. i repeat this steps again and again. i feel the pain disappear by 50% after i wake up from a high quality sleep. but the pain still there. till yesterday, i felt sharp pain on the calf. hell no! i don't want this to be my first running injury.
put on compression and cold bath and lift up my legs when i sleep.

today, woke up in the morning, no pain already=) so, no muscle tear=) Thank God!

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Anonymous said...

magic... ? wahai adik2 ku, kasi la chance muscle tuh rehat :P sometimes by feel is unreliable.. gotta be strict about it. so, u did Towerthon..?
p.s. next weekend akak free a bit