Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fitness Concept

here are the goodies that i got from Fitness Concept charity training. bumped into Kannan Murugasan the Ultraman finisher! i was wearing the Power Bar Team Excel yellow T Shirt, actually i doubt if i should wear it. i'm proud of being Team Excel, and i expect myself to do my best when i claim myself Team Excel. I've never been on treadmill for more than 10 minutes, so Kannan let me adapt to the rhythm. after few minutes, i managed to pick up the rhythm. i increased the pace and ran faster and faster. when the result came out, another guy beat me. i was a bit shocked. seriously. i didn't push very hard, but i aimed to score the longest distance on the treadmill. never mind.

then come the cross trainer, not very good in it, but got the longest distance.

here come the cycling session, the resistance 1 was too light for me and i have to pedal at very high cadence. then i asked Kannan to increase the resistance, which is stupid. because i'm not gaining any extra distance, itz not like bike gears! so i quickly switch down to lower resistance (after one minute). so i lost few hundred meters there. then pedaling at high cadence, suddenly my right foot came off of the strap. so i was pedaling without strap=(
the final one minute, i sprinted a little harder, then 10 seconds left, my right leg came off of the pedal and lost control! i kept pedaling with my left leg!

haha great experience, had a great time with Elaine and Kannan. Elaine was the one who encouraged me to participate. could have done better, but no lost for participating. i gained experience training on 3 types of trainers. not many participants join, which is very disappointing. if Elaine or Kannan told me about this earlier, i will definitely ask the club members to participate! we have weekend this week, so better fill my time and take this opportunity to win some prizes for myself=p

for my friends doing Kenyir and Energizer, good luck and enjoy the race=)
i enjoyed my race too=p haha.. this Goodie bag will be this week's weekend present.

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