Saturday, January 16, 2010

UPNM IRONMAN Langkawi 2010

UPNM will be sending 4 Ironmans to Langkawi this February. and i'm gonna tell u what MIGHT happen.

packed all yr stuff into yr swim bike and run bag. then u realized yr tiny power bar towel isn't in. in yr bike bag, u brought every single tool u have including for the mountain bike ones just in case u need to bike on a MTB =p dismantle whole bike, then put it slow and nicely into a bike box. wrap all the carbon parts with sponge and cloth hoping that it won't scratch.

then when u weigh everything, yr bike box is over weight. u took everything out and re-pack. u left yr saddle on the couch while packing, then u proceed with the running bag. specially bought a new running shoe from New Balance with the best cushion on earth hoping that u'll have the best "feel" on race day.

Departure morning. put on all the compression wear u have to squeeze yrself and make u feel good. then put on another piece of trisuit so that u won't miss it. reached the air port then realized that yr ID left at home, can't check in. missed flight. dashed all the way back and saw yr saddle on the couch. picked up all the important stuff, brought another briefcase so that u feel good having all the documents with u. back to the air port, all yr CO2 canisters being thrown out by the custom, and they insisted to check yr whole tub of Power Bar Endurance and Recovery coz u look suspicious, like a drug dealer. brought a tube in the hand luggage, so that u can use it when YOU puncture (not the bike). hehe.
then the custom said the valve can be used as weapon. another item being thrown out.
felt so unhappy and unsafe for traveling long distance without spare tube and CO2=p

reached Langkawi, itz super hot, and u left yr favorite 2XU visor at home. quickly rent a car hoping that Razani will be somewhere seaview selling race kits. got all the necessaries from him, fuh...
time for thirst quenching.. went to one Kopitiam by the road side, drank few cans of hundred plus. on the way to hotel Kondo Istana, u feel like the toilet is calling u (not u want to go to the toilet), ran with yr fastest marathon pace and immediately get into the cubicle. the urge to release what u have, overcome all the worries. but with yr trisuit and compression wear inside, seems like itz a little too late to answer the call of nature. nevermind, at least u "feel" warm like how the Pros warm themselves during the race. no wonder u don't see them going toilet right?=p into yr room.......
recalled all the clumsy stuff u did, despite u're a bloody experience racer.
had yr shower then prepare yr race stuffs..
set up yr bike, but u forgot to mark the saddle height, and handle bar! took whole day on trial and error instead of time trial=p regretted for not marking those crucial parts before dismantle.

.....RACE DAY....
swim start was crowded and the crowd swam on top of u without considering u're the one who might stand a chance to be on the podium=p got a great breast stroke kick on yr goggle! and the goggle start flooding. quickly float yrself then adjust. continue the 3.8km!

180km cycling was tough. opened up yr bento box, and saw u left only one Power Gel. someone must have stolen yr favorite Triple Threat! shit! u cursed all the way till u reach Padang Masirat, then u meet those friendly hills and welcoming wind. at that moment, u know what Langkawi Ironman is all about.

42.2km run, ran with all u might, struggling hard to finish before sun set.. but seems like the orange sun is going down too fast and u still have another loop to go. your NEW New Balance shoe went wet as u shower at the aid station, the great pillow feel of those cushion turned out to be dumb bell on yr feet as it got wet. blisters kissing your feet asking u to stop but your Iron will pushed u to go over your limit. cramped all the way, but those physically challenged participants' spirit inspired u to keep moving.

when u crossed the Finishing Line seeing all yr friends yelling your name, all the pain, sore, and cramps gone. u stride with pride then say "I'm IRONMAN".