Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Balance Pacesetters 30km

Amirul, me and Amad. Aiman went back coz his grandfather passed away.

with 3 hours sleeping time, i completed 30km run today.
yesterday we had FSMO (full service marching order), and log, and tong peluru.
this morning woke up at 3, get things prepared then walked to wisma kadet.
i always told the juniors to play safe when come to long distance as most of them are first timers. i told them to hold back their speed till the 20th kilometer, that also if they still can survive the 20km. after the race, most of them see the "great wall" on the 20th kilometer. great wall means u feel extremely exhausted, demoralized, start to feel weak caused by dehydration, and soreness everywhere.

so my race turned out to be this way...
started at tortoise pace, suddenly a chinese guy wearing pacesetters vest overtook me, somehow i feel comfortable with his pace (although i was thinking that this is a suicide pace). comfortable for first 10km not necessary will suit u for the final 20km. so i paced him, till the 10KM marker, he dropped out and his speed went down tremendously. gone my pacer. never mind, look for another one.

running somewhere around Sri Hartamas with all the hills awaiting to make me cramp. paced one 57 years old Old man. followed him for about 8 kilometers with a bigger chase pack at the front. i know those runners, and they always finish strong with good timing. but, i felt great today, pushed a little harder and they left behind.

somewhere around the 21km, saw Abang Khamal, Razman, and another Total Field guy offering power gels. i took 2 gels and squeezed all the "energy" into my mouth. i need water to make them work, for the time being i just swallow it, later at the aid station i'll drink. i learned to drink while running in this race=) thatz one of my achievement today, and i also can swallow gel without water while i run without choking=)

sudenly Rahman the Ironman overtook me and Fuzi. at the final 8km, i did a crazy suicide pace to close up the gap. i knew that i'm taking very very high risk and i might DNF if i maintain this speed. i didn't check the race route before i come, i just do it! if i viewed this race route, definitely i'll hold back my speed. but today, seems like my suicide pace brought me to the finish line at 2hours 13minutes unofficial time =)

i'm happy with the timing, and the compression socks really work!=) i guess not wearing watch during race suits me well, as i use the sun to tell me what is my timing=) another thing, i appreciate the support from Col, Ananthan and Mejar madinah for coming to support us=) not many officers will spend their weekend supporting the cadets. Haziq and Farhan's parents also came to support, while my family came to run=) itz a good choice for my father to buy the New Balance Stability, coz the features that new balance offer, really worth the price=)

ladies who completed 21km run, and guys finished the 30km run, u guys just pushed yourselves to the limit, and now u're one level ahead of others.

my breakfast..

here are the details. I'm fit everywhere.

A369, nice number=)

** and also, thanks Kak Julie for those BIG BIG APPLES.. =) very sweet of u=)


Anonymous said...

ur most welcome :)

K3vski said...

Wah very fast lah, you are going to be a danger at Langkawi!

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

haha Kevin, i'm still not up to the mark to even draft u on the bike. i'm not a threat to u. haha=p if i'm a danger, u're more dangerous. hehe