Friday, January 8, 2010

PowerBar Malaysia interview

kita minum dulu! haha...

4 makhluk yg masuk surian tower dengan kad pelajar UPNM.. hehe.
from left.. Chan, Ahmad Penipu Wanita, Farhana, Hisyam MCA.

from left...
Chan (me), Ahmad Victoria secret, Amirul, and Tuan Syam=)

morning 5.30am. woke up and went swimming in the pool. then go class.
the approval letter from CO is still pending me and i'm very worried. kak juli messaged me and she offered me a ride=) thanks kak, u always offer to help me=)
i was in the class, lots of sms-es coming in. i need to get the paperwork done! Col Ananthan went to see the CO, he told me everything's fine, and approved. u guys have no idea how happy i was. i'm one step closer to become team elite.. fuh..

minutes later, Mek told me, surat belum sign.. then i was like.. "huh???" whatz going on????
went to Akademi Latihan Ketenteraan and see whatz going on.
the driver already infront cadet's mess for half an hour! he waited there for 0ne hour because of the delay. i said sorry few times to him.. sigh..
in ALK, we got 10 knuckle push up before the paperwork done. we have all the black and white, then pushed off.

then the interview started...
i answered lots of question, and luckily i know how to answer despite i didn't prepare at all! i was busy with the paperwork to come out, and i forgot to prepare for the interview. itz really impromptu! my 2nd ironman experience answer all the question. eat smart, u'll go faster!

then i told them the misconception that people have about power bar..
people always think that power bar supply great amount of energy, whereas power bar supply IMMEDIATE energy. if u were to compare a burger and a performance bar, of course the burger has higher calorie. i made few suggestion to them, and i really hope they'll consider it.

my team mates who went there with me..
ahmad, tuan syam, amirul, farhan..
mek did a great job, thanks so much to Col Ananthan for his strong support. u guys made my dream come true.=)

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