Saturday, January 9, 2010

Power Bar Article

this is what i sent to the Power Bar website. do u think they'll publish it?

I've been racing actively in endurance sports for few years. Training consistently is the key to success, so i trained very very hard until my performance plateau. After reading books and made my own research about ways to boost up performance, I've decided to improve my nutrition plan in order for me to go faster to achieve my personal best. I strongly emphasize on recovery, and within 1 hour after my training I'll definitely rehydrate my body with Recovery Drink and Protein Plus. Human sport performance will deplete as the time of racing goes longer, by consuming carbohydrate and sodium consistently, i was be able to race longer and perform better in endurance races like the IRONMAN.

A year after i started my nutrition plan, I've made my decision to race in IRONMAN Langkawi 2009 for the 2nd time at the age of 19.
The year before, I completed IRONMAN Lankawi 2008 13Hours 50Mins.
In 2009, I crossed the finishing line at 12 hours 6 mins. I was about 1 Hour 44 Mins faster because i fueled my body right, with Power Bar.

Most powerful engine without fuel is just a scrap engine- Chan Jun Shen, 2 time Ironman Finisher.

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