Thursday, January 7, 2010

power bar team elite 2010/2011

i applied to be the Power Bar Team Elite months ago, but didn't hear any new, so i assumed i'm not selected. everyone in the triathlete society wants to join TEAM ELITE Power bar. we're all familiar with this team, and those in this team are extraordinary people, and have great influence in sports. to be honest, i never dream to be part of them, they're just too good.

Tuesday, saw kak juli posted on facebook that she is selected. and kevin siah also. they're great people, kak juli brought up the IIUM X team, while Kevin Siah is the 4th fastest malaysian with his first IM 11.15 hours! so i'm not surprised that i don't get any phone call. somehow decided to log in my hotmail, clicked a mail from power bar, my heart start pounding and i feel the adrenaline rush in my body.

finished the first paragraph, i was like.. hysteria.. i shouted so loud!!! felt so happy that i'm selected!!! WAIT A MINUTE...
finish the mail first...
saw kak ros's name at the bottom, wanted to call, but already off office hour...=.= sigh..
nexy day i quickly see Col Ananthan to tell him this good news and start doing paperwork to get approval from the military to release me on friday 2pm.

everything done, on my way back to hostel...
i didn't apply for transport!!!!! amirul was with me that time.. he always be with me when i have problem=) itz crazy late to apply now, the drivers must be very unhappy.. passed the pendrive to amirul asked him to fill in the BAT J6 while me quickly get changed. printed everything out, within 5 minutes, i ran with the fastest speed i could to Col Ananthan's room to get his signature.. FUH!!! done..=D

now at the Military Transport Department, 7 of us will go tmrw. but only ISWARA staff car available. need another form to apply van. dashed all the way back to Col Ananthan's room, asked for his signature and cop AGAIN! in the elevator, my sweat dripped non stop... and me gasping for air..
went to his room, got everything. few drops of my sweat dropped on the transport application form.. haha. tu nama dia memerah keringat.

submitted, felt super happy. i'm half way through!=D
about dinner time...

Mek messaged me, Captain Azlan told him that my application to go out being rejected. this is the time that i really need the support from my university.. oh my god.. they rejected it because i'll need to skip Tempur tanpa senjata. i'm a black belt, hope they can consider it. i just need a little support from UPNM, why can't they release me for 4 hours? not that i'm doing any sinful thing.. i'm very very disappointed.

my sunny day just turned cloudy then followed by thunder storm..

Mek informed Col Ananthan about this. he will help me on this by seeing the commanding officer.

thanks a lot sir!=)we'll see what happen tomorrow.

ma'am nurina, abang alang, kak juli, amirul, ahmad, aiman, mek, haziq.. in this case, u guys gave me support. and i appreciate it loads=) whether i'll get it or not, it comes second, firstly i would like to say a million thanks to u guys.


Anonymous said...

awwww.tatz so sweet :) thanks you to you too chan, you inspired me and many others too to never stop or quit in becoming the best :) it was really nice to see you and all your cadet friends who were there at Surian to support :P let's cross our fingers and wish ourselves all d applicants for this year's team all d best for the selection !

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

haha yes kak=) before i inspire others, i was inspired by many people around me.. this year's selection is super strict! reduction of elites made it very tough! haha..