Sunday, January 24, 2010

Broga 2010

Distance: 149.56km
Max: 67.9km/h
Average: 25.5

i have to admit that this time itz tough for me, i cramped. i never cramped before when i climb Broga and i always feel good, but not this time. i'm not in good form, but i'm satisfied that i completed it together with Farhan and Tuan Hisham. i brought a gel and Triple Threat which will be my emergency button when i'm out of fuel. i have few tools and some food in my bento.

the day before i went to Boon Foo's shop looking for stem, he wanted to charge me 250 ringgit. for a student like me, itz hard for me. so better i ask Abang Jami to help me. i went there, asked him many times but he seems to ignore me. u know why? because there's a guy wanted to build a Dura Ace carbon bike, and me wanted to buy stem. who will give him more profit? felt kinda sad. but Adli Dahalan gave me few advice about cycling stuff, even demonstrate to me how to use the CO2 canister. thanks=)

this might be my last ride before Ironman as i can hardly get permission to leave the camp for some security reasons, so this weekend i've decided to "Broga" myself after almost 3 months never cycle.

Tuan Hisham's first time to Broga. He survived the climb despite at first he was extremely hungry. me and him went to the wrong way at first, climbed Perez half way then go back down looking for Mac's team. we wanted to follow Mac's team instead of cyclework.

I'm really proud of this guy. Farhan did very well for this climb, and i think he can make it at least sub 13 in his first IM in February. he will be UPNM fastest very soon.. seriously.

this indian guy volunteered to be our escort. some riders find it annoying, but somehow i think he is funny=p he doesn't wear helmet, and there was few times car almost bang him.

Yusran and I, the owner of Sidi T2..=)

Yusran White, me pink..

i don't know this guy's name, but he has got prosthetic right leg. his front chain ring can't be shifted, he needs to stop and use his fingers to bring the chain down to smaller chainring. the pedal is a mountainbike pedal, and he wore a court shoe. imagine how high his determination is. i really respect him, he triggered me to never come down from my bike when climbing despite my lack of training. he did this grueling route twice!

i admire Mac for his ability to climb Broga. look at his size!


this is my family who sent me there. in this picture is my father, grandma and grandma's friend. some of my friends said i'm mom's son. i don't care=p indeed i'm my mom's son. family support is very important, and so far my parents never complain about my training and sent me here and there to train for Ironman. they've been doing this for the past 3 years. since this is my edge of advantage for having a supportive family, i have to perform better than the others.
on my way coming down from Perez, my stomach feel super hungry. i remain in aero position and pedal hard while looking for my mum's car. the desperate feeling i had yesterday, i think i'm gonna collapse soon. i'm not in good form yesterday. but itz normal for being idle 3 months. when i saw my mum at Laksa Buyung, i was very very happy and i sprinted like Mark Cavendish=p fuh.. the end of torture.

Farhan and Tuan Hisham made their way back to UPNM. another 50km to go..

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