Thursday, March 5, 2009


i'm gonna tell u guys what swim bike run in Ironman09 is all about! i AM the youngest Malaysian Participant for both 2008 and 2009!
i asked from my father the water tide during the race day, hopefully that i can budget my speed and take advantage of the tide=) it did helps. 180km bike, i was wiser than a year before, i managed my nutrition a lot better=)every 5km, i'll eat bars, gels or beans. just like what my "coach" said to me and she is the one who propelled me physically, nutritionally, and technically to break the record of Tuan Salman who did a 12.09 last year! thanks a lot! i did a 29km/h average of biking! thatz a great achievement to me=) 20km to the Transition 2, i finished all the water and stopped drinking to thirst myself and prevent myself from overly hydrated. learned this from my experience! last year i suffered 42km after the bike! during the bike, i saw Bro Khamal and Razman and the geng on the hill. while me pedal hard on the bike, they sang "tiada gunung terlalu tinggi... buat kami daki, di tengah panas.." hahaha.. Ahmad wrote our name on the road and snapped pics of me during the race. deeep down in my heart, i sincerely appreciate those people who came all the way from their place to Langkawi to support us. To all Old Puteras, i hope i didn't disappoint u guys. i gave my best shot! hahaha..

42.2km final leg, the pain only IM can understand.. my first few laps was strong till i vomited blood. sigh.. but my legs keep on striding. i must break the record no matter what! with my heart beat pounding and pulse racing, i asked myself am i ready to go if i collapse in Langkawi? i started to worry coz i know i have too many things undone! Cik Robika (cik jeff's wife) gave me ORS to dink and told me to stop at every station to rehydrate. i was so touched that every year when i suffered in IM. such a nice lady! i owe her a lot! my strides getting smaller and legs started to lose itz "spring".. my mind told the body to keep going despite the body said "NO!!!!"..
final 4km, my body starts shivering and my palm started to feel cold. the day is getting darker, and i heard azan. my hope to break record is too thin for now.. i had a terrible mental block! somehow suddenly major Radzuan came to me and we ran together! i maintain my steps and pushed myself to the limit to cross the finish line!
quickly turn back and look at the time. it shows 12 hours 21mins. i shouted at Ahmad, "21 minus 15, whatz the answer?".. i dropped tears and squad down realising that the record is mine. i haven't get my medal yet, i embrace the UPNM's flag and cried...

now i can call myself a 2 times IRONMAN FINISHER=)

got out of the water 1 hour 27 mins, thatz what experience is all about! i trained super little this year, i did Loads of recovery instead of hard training since my condition in UPNM doesn't allow me to train full time. doesn't really matter tho. i didn't train swimming for a month plus, but my swim time still maintain. all thanks to her for the TOTAL IMMERSION=)

my machine! don't play play... full set ultegra with Dura Ace wheels=) but still can't compare with Michelle's CERVELO P2c.

this girl i met in Langkawi. she just be herself, her shape, and her style! kinda harsh for a girl to talk like her=p but i have to say that she is a very interesting person=)thats what she did to me=.=

her bike=)

when i was biking at this area, i just kept myself small and aero to slice through the wind.

am i aero enough????

the Triathletes of UPNM together with swim coach Michelle

Carbo Loading with Hirogaki, he did sub 10... fantastic!=p hehehe

the 4 loops of bike was challenging! we did 44 climbs! but OP Shazly told me, it can't be tougher than the Broga=) hahaha.. still smiling=)

i put on the "easy Breathe" to make me breathe better, at least i suck in more oxy=p

OUR TEAM! together with Major Radzuan the team manager. Ahmad was missing=p


cutenadea said...

hei chan, congrats2!!

kev said...

Well done Jun Shen! I've been following (stalking) your blog, don't mind ya? Just slightly short of your target 12 hours, you have lots of potential ahead of you!

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

hey guys.. thanks. itz not easy for me to reach here, lots of people guided me throughout my journey=) thanks to Amad and Amirul!

syafiq said...

tahniah chan..mana souvenir???hehe

aku kaki LARI said...

congratulation bro..impossible is nothing..") u like..... said...

Congrtaz Chan,u hav been so fantastic..that i will nid more time to follow ur footstep...keep it on fren...