Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taper style UPNM

another year of IM. gonna swim below 1 hour 30 mins, mount on the bike for 6 hours plus, run if possible less than 5hours. this year i'm really lack of training. the routine is getting packed, assignments pouring from the sky like heavy downpour. but i'm still surviving in UPNM. whether if it's possible for me to complete sub 12, we'll see. this year we'll be wearing SUPER ELITE 2XU Trisuit which cost 500 plus each! and we're sponsored 10K plus by the University for 4 participants to compete in the IM=)

this is what my taper is all about... we did physical training, then ran under the hot sun. good endurance training i guess. we're not suppose to request for exemption, coz the CI will say "u're here to become a soldier, not to represent the country in IM". his saying is true, too true for us to argue.

Lunch in the Cadets mess, good carbo loading for me. complete meal according to the food pyramid=)(except the taste)

we're all covered by the hot sun sitting on the road while waiting for Dato' Amir.
when he is in the mess, he was hunting for the blogger who wrote about mess bill 2 juta thing. actually i wonder if he finish reading Wira Damai, coz in that blog, the 2 juta thing is about the lanscape of UPNM but still cadets worked to improve the landscape. thatz what he wrote in the blog.
but this new commanding officer got our roar after his speech, his maintenance of cadets' morale is super good=) after the piercing speech by Commandant, the he engaged with a softer style. the cadets gave him the biggest applause i ever heard in UPNM, i'm serious! he was the Commanding Officer of 2nd Malay Regiment, claming that he got the head of the tiger=p hahaha. so far i can assume that he gained the respect and should be no problem to command the cadets=)his first approach already got our fullest support!

Delta company of Battalion Lekir, warming up for Jalan Laju 8km with packs and webbing set. one thing good about Jalan Laju despite i don't quite like the heavy packs mount on my shoulder, itz a good strength training, and thats one of the reason we're mentally stronger than the others, basically we have the fitness. so just need to improve technics.

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Peh Hoo Guan said...

hello there, i would like to listen more about ur cadets life in UPNM. by the way, i'm senior ROTU officer cadet of UKM. going to be commissioned this coming june. wonder how's it's like to be Pegawai Kadet Siswa there. i applied for ATMA before but didn't get any offering letter to go for the selection. maybe i'll try my luck after my graduation to apply for graduate officer