Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

went back home one day later than most of my friends coz i was detailed to be the spectator for KTD's marching. 500 cadets were detailed. the seats at the parade square can't cater all the parents and relatives and girl friends and boy friends and uncle and auntie and grandma and grandpa and granduncle and grandaunt and nephew and niece and neighbour of ONE cadet to be commissioned. imagine more than 100 hundred cadets to be commissioned.. so how many seats we need?? all the 500 of us got one day less holiday. anyway, we wore smart to the venue. some of the seniors fell asleep. but my friend Helmi tried to wake him up, as usual, not so successful. he is OUR senior.

i was sitting next to my younger Brother Jun Win coz Royal Military College sent all the fifth formers there.
both RMC and UPNM become the victim. we got our seat and settled down super early, day still dark. then when the parade was about to start, i was quite happy to get a front seat. then suddenly about 100 of UPNM cadets and RMC boys was commanded to empty our seat. our staff even said "jadi pelarian di Bumi sendiri".. the boys and cadets gotta hide behind the grand stand and have to avoid from VIPs. very humiliating.. i chose to stand at the back, at least i can watch the parade. or else better i don't come. KTD cadets always have conflicts with us where some officers side them coz they perform better "physically".. for now, they are good. in the future, we are way better! i am very positively confident that knowledge is power. they always claim that they march well and very fit. but during the parade, even the rank holder himself made mistake.. and to compare fitness, we produced lots of athletes and triathletes, we won the sukan 4 penjuru. we talk based on evidence. so everyone can judge, wise enough to not talk nonsense.

when i went to KDSI 1 for one month, the physical training instructors said that we aren't as fot as the cadets there. fine.. when i asked them how many cadets got perfect score for fitness test, then they said less than 10 out of 300 plus. my intake with the strength of 100 plus got 30 perfect scorers before we left! i'm proud to tell the world that I AM FROM UPNM. their intention was to thumb us down, but our day will come=) we take it as a positive challenge. no doubt some of us melantung hangit, but the judgment and speculation upon us is very bias. some officers look at us like rubbish, even when my seniors being promoted to become midshipment,lieutenant and so on..

for our respectful Kapten Salman, hope he will do well in his Commando and further his carrier in Army Aviation unit. may our sincere prayers bless him throughout his journey. he is one of the good example, he will do well in all fields. another product of UPNM.
hmm.. i went back for CNY, collected only 3 ang pows. then got back to UPNM while my family went back to Alor Setar. my aunt sent me back, reduced my burden=p before i come back, she bought KFC for me. actually i was thinking of buying a barrel of KFC to bring back for "function rumah", then suddenly she offered me. hehehe.. thanks a lot! my aunt, both my cousin bro, and my grandma share 3 pieces of chicken. myself alone finished one whole dinner plate=p

once i got back here, Tuan Johari my senior told me to change to my Bravo(my uniform) in 10 minutes and be at the guard house within 10 minutes. i dashed all the way down my block, then suddenly it rains. heavy downpour! i ran in the rain for about 1km till i reach the guard house. i am suppose to have another extra day of holiday, tapi kena duty plak. adoi.. i don't mind tho, coz working under Tuan Johari is quite easy. at the guard house checking the Buku Cuti and sign, then my pen no ink. luckily Tuan Johari lend me his Parker Pen. Later i returned him his pen and one KD Kedah's pen and a pair of mandrin orange. hehehe...

hmm one unknown fella sent me an email telling me to read his blog. i also don't know who this guy is but he knows me and my team. kinda PANAS!!!!
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