Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puasa month...

this morning we had "ceramah H1N1"..
i was thinking that we HAD this talk before, and most of us know well how to prevent and take appropriate action to counter it, just the matter of practicing.. hmm nevermind, so we just went into the mess..
after an hour of "text reading" by the presenter, and the blur and echo sound system in the mess, he finally made 80% of the audience slept. haha! mungkin tu mission dia..
we were told that "CERAMAH H1N1"..
but it ended up to be "JUAL UBAT" depan kaki lima mess...
i don't deny that may be the spray they're selling is good, but why us? why not the primary school students? why not other colleges? we're not the only University infected with H1N1.. why it involves money? they're profit making organization, itz not "CERAMAH H1N1".. if the event were to be "JUAL UBAT", they should not cheat us by telling us itz a health talk.

we often involve in blood donating, we're good in donating blood=p we have "DARAH SATRIA".. and they can easily get our blood by organizing beds and stretchers at the 1st floor of Bestari block. this is a true charity activity coz we help people willingly and don't ask for 20 RINGGIT for a bottle of blood=p

those who bought the bus ticket, i just feel sorry for u guys.. hope the party take responsibility of what they have done. they sold ticket to the cadets at higher price for them to go back raya, and suddenly cancelled the ticket! WTF!!less than a week before raya, how can they get ticket from bus station?! itz ridiculous!
mungkin satu hari dia dapat balasan tak dapat balik raya..
hope u guys get to go back and reunite with your family members despite all the obstacles going back to your beloved hometown.. i wish u guys Selamat Hari Raya in advance=)

yesterday night after the malay had their tahlil, i was told that all cadets have to muster by battalion. i walked towards my battalion and saw a group of seniors, then one of them shouted "u better run".. i stride wide and start picking up my feet, when i dash passed platoons of officers-gonna-be, what i heard was:

hey u're an athlete, u can run faster! IRONMAN must run!
i kept running and reminded myself to run efficiently..

IRONMAN just have their reputation and people expect highest level of fitness performance whenever whatever they do.

we walked a lot in UPNM, and nothing bother me like the IRONMAN11 do.
since itz gonna be my third race, i suppose the nervousness can be easily encountered by the confidence gained the previous years. BUT, this year the other way round happen.. every steps i remember IM, every breath u'll smell IM, i just can;t stop talking about IM!

whatz the most suitable answer when people ask me.. " why do u have to pay suffer?"
fasting month is great for recovery but i guess i over loaded myself with unnecessary foods. imagine how much calorie i need to burn!


armouris said...

more health info on fasting here - Fasting @ Info-Kesihatan-Anda

thurai OP said...

now puasa month so puasa training.. haha..