Monday, December 1, 2008

will and zeal

triathlon is all about "will" and "zeal".. the Pedu International Duathlon taught me and my sparing partners a lot. this race also tested the effectiveness of our training program. now that new admin implement new routine, so we need to emphasize on the important part of multisport which is the run. Among 4 of us, Aiman cramp easily, Ahmad need more running program, Amirul is improving tremendously, while me nervous-ing day and night. in my opinion, the core of a duathlete or triathlete is WILL and ZEAL. why will? why Zeal?
will.. willing to suffer, dare to compete, take up challenge, be extraordinary..
zeal.. strong eagerness to achieve goal, enthusiastic, elan.

run bike run. 6km 36km 6km. that's what we did in Pedu. roads for cycling was bulky, wet but less wind. 1st run i was at the front pack but not the first pack. suddenly Eugene and Jin Rong approached from the back and start overtaking the others. both of them were fast, nice pace and wise plan. once i got into the transition area with Jin Rong, obviously his transition is way better than me. he got out in less than 1minute. while me this slow coach terhegeh-hegeh nak masukkan clip. ceh..
i really need to learn from him, his trisuit looks nice too.. wonder when will i have my own trisuit. i always dream of having my own trisuit, since form 4 i started this game, i never worn any trisuit. i wonder how it feels when putting in on.. in triathlon, not many people know me, but they know our jersey. 4 meaningful words, "UPNM" we promote it all over the country. at first i thought of wearing my Brooks vest, but Amirul's words was persuasive enough to change my mind. the outfit is not important, but the 4 words that counts. of course my Brooks vest is more comfy if compared to the elan cycling vest with UPNM on it, but the words propelled me to go further and faster. i want everyone to know I AM FROM UPNM!!! the bike was quite good, Monica Torez picked me up after few Kilo i started my bike. Eugene and Yeo Jin Rong already gone missing. Final run, i couldn't see Eugene at all. to me it is almost hopeless to chase after them. but i kept on striding, finally ahead of them 1 minute. me and Monica Torez sprinted till the finishing line, she was 1 secs ahead of me. strong lady she is. snapped pics with Steve, my very good friend..
back to UPNM at 5am, 6.30am we continued with Physical training..
tough life huh??


missjewelz said...

congrats ! heard u did really well in Pedu !

chanjunshen said...

kak, boleh tahan la kat pedu...
hehehe luck pun very important..