Monday, November 24, 2008

rise and dawn

the sets of final exam replaced by the dawn of military training..
this evening's marching was good coz the contingent was small and handled by lots of seniors. as tuan Achot said just now, the cause of poor marching performance is because of no postmortem, so the lesson wasn't so effective. his way of teaching is interesting and not stressful. Unlike some of the instructors who slap the cadets for their mistake. last few nights, mechanical students were called to stay back on the parade square. seniors organized a seminar but not many of us attended, so those curry puff wasted, then they got angry. after the mild punish, JUO Aziizur joined the party.. he was saying that the punishment was too light.. because of his words, the party continued.. then we're all back in our files. one senior suddenly came to me, asking where is my pen and note book, then i said i left it at my hostel. another senior approached and straight gimme a punch on my chest.
years ago in RMC, all this ragging stuff is no big deal. but in here, i'm kinda shocked since those punishers are those who cock up the most. juniors wish seniors because of the rank, but certain seniors really gain the respect from juniors for showing good example. every intake laden with capable cadets but the law of nature that we have to accept, in every good things, there must be dark side and nothing is perfect, those who are not competent enough annoyed the others.
this few days i've been watching loads of Lance Armstrong's video.. those videos strike me deeply, triggered me to hammer the pedal faster, stride wider and glide further. one day after refueling my "motivation tank".. i'm back in shape and improved tremendously. all this while i've been so sad for not cycling fast enough despite my swim and run has improved. sunday i cycled in Uni compound, front tire punctured. this evening punctured again, i ran back to the apartment bare footed and bumped into Dato' Zul.. luckily he didn't scold me for running shoe-less.. later i found out that a 2cm length nail pierced into my tube! what the hell.. luckily my rim is still in good shape.

LiveStrong...Lance Armstrong

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