Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Aero helmet...HOW AERO IT COSTS?=P
aerodynamic comes with a price, i like the shape of aero helmet. before Pedu Duathlon, i told myself that i gotta win in order to buy new helmet. but now that i won the race, i don't know what to buy... may be just buy some supplements to fill my stomach. i have problem with my swim nowadays, after 1km the headache will occur.. sigh.. i wonder how it happen.. i tested the swim without swimming cap, but still headache.

chasing the 3 ton truck indeed a good training for IRONMANs gonna be coz the max speed of the truck is just 80km/h. thats one of the reason why i missed my flight to Langkawi early this year. i'm not gonna make the same mistake again, i forgot to bring my military IC to the airport=p hahaha.. gunung jerai my next race! 40km cross country, how it feels huh? 10hours race? 4 man team, who will be my team mates?

next year's duathlon, hope to see Monica Torez again=p hahaha.. drafting the lady category's number one isn't embarrassing. its just like sis helping bro=p

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