Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adi The Legend

Tuan Adi has been missing for ages.. now he's coming back!

"Tuan Adi, skarang ni dah ramai yang kayuh laju2.."
"Ko tunggu la aku kayuh.. baru ko tau apa itu hebat."

he is still the same old him, talk with extraordinary confidence. i'll take it as a challenge! just like what he did to me last year.. he said it is impossible for me to beat him in 90km bike for the half ironman. he told me that my body can't stand the IRONMAN's distance, and today i'm an Ironman, youngest malaysian qualified Ironman. sometimes excitement in life brings positive impact to us, our decision and perspective will maneuver us. Last year all of us frequently went out for long ride, but now we only train in UPNM. the financial support for this year's IM is very strong, but i dare not guarantee our performance will be as good as few years back. we're all lack of training, lack of recovery.. macam2 la..
Amirul, and Amad is superb duperb in doing paperwork. while i fully use my contacts to support them, make their job easier. it is convenient if we have loads of "cabels"... we do things faster and effective.
i'm grateful that Prof Mahzum support us till the max!!! i truly appreciate it and promise that i'll give my very best performance in IRONMAN like i always do.

i have the WILL and the ZEAL to become 2nd time IRONMAN.

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