Sunday, December 14, 2008

Asean University Game 2008

3days of seminar, 3 cadets attended, over 7000 thousands athletes, hundreds of volunteers...

the talk by profs, dato's, and those big shots in world of sport science. they really think big, but never talk big.

Prof Lateef Oluwole Amusa : Towards a social philosophy of achievement in sports
The taste of sports is sometimes as a result of social positions and conditions. Thus we observe a great social diversity of sports interest, goods, and services.

Prof Dato' Dr Leonard Andrew de Vries
Moving Together ASEAN.

Assoc. Prof Gilda Uy
Students athletes.. but not cadets student athletes..

the topic they're talking about are deep and i never ever thought of things like that. sport industries, we can invest in sporting goods and so on. what in my brain is just race, training, sleep, recovery. that's all. hahaha so this seminar has become an eye opener to me. Prof Dato' Andrew said the Military focus on fitness for combat and not fitness for health. may be if he is in the military then he can understand better. combat is our core business, so combat fitness we must prioritize. for my level of sport science knowledge, i understand well the presentation by Dr Muhammad. VO2 max, sport performance and nutrition and trainings! thatz my favorite topic! but the presentation was kinda short=(
meal time, girls from UiTM approached me in a "nice" way.. teasing come first, then only ask for my name. i'm not the type who talk to girls easily, and normally i don't bother about them. most of the Uni students are Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar, only UPNM send athletes there. its more appropriate to send athletes as we feel and we're the one who will improve our own organization. some sport officers don't play sports, how are they gonna help the Organization since they don't understand? talking about understanding... an interesting research can be done regarding UPNM's athletes. we are Cadets, Students, and competitive athletes. although being competent in sports isn't important in UPNM, but approximately 10% of us are competing at international level. when back to the core, COMBAT fitness will be the number one. Chief Petty Officer Zul should be given the credit for his commitment in nurturing cadets who have basic sport science knowledge. so far, he is the ONLY instructor who implement knowledge in physical trainings. if.. and only if.. the instructors are as good as him, we can be fit and wise at the same time. navy have better and well organized structure of organization, so they produce very good instructor.
i met Dr Wardah, very friendly lady=) she was the one who did the prize giving in UM, thats why i can recognize her. she plan to buy bike, so i just share what i know with her. the whole world know Major Kalam. haha i spoke to her, she knows him too! who on earth doesn't know Major Kalam??? hehehe..
staying in equatorial hotel is some sort of recovery period for me. we ate good food, served with variety of juice, healthy dishes and macam2 la.. pampering myself with the scenery, sleep whenever i could, and eat whatever i can. now i'm back, ready for intensive training!!!

OPENed up my lap top, first thing...
facebook and friendster la.. mana ada benda lain lagi nak bukak.. haha..
the message from miss KAKI, very useful.. hehehe tambah kabel..
nak training, tapi hujan je slalu.. adoi...


cutenadea said...

i'm not the type who talk to girls easily, and normally i don't bother about them

haha!dis is so true.i remember when we were at kuala tahan, the girls sume cm pissed off gle ngn ko. hehe seb bek ak x..oh,nik nadia pun x...hihi

chanjunshen said...

sebenarnya nik nadia pun pissed off ngan aku=p hehehe