Friday, November 7, 2008


I hereby announce to the whole world, to anyone who concern about UPNM Tri Team's progress that... Mej Kalam our team leader now replaced by Captain Al-Muna. i do not know how the selection was done, but now he is our team leader. those who're going for Powerman will see him there. He was a runner, so that day he suggested us to eat Pharmaton. that sounds weird to us coz all this while we eat Power Bar. He was the one who personally submitted the Admin Order to authority, and APPROVED!=D but only juniors going, seniors exam=.= this happen every year, may be malakoff should consider young talent pursuing degree in Uni.. sigh.. better luck next year.. HOPEfully..

New about TRIKIDZ...
people heard about trikids through broadcast, blogs, and friends n athletes n bla bla... UPNM conducted series of Trikids program to instill interest of younger generation to involve in Tri sports indirectly lead to a healthier life style. justnow i got a message from Kak Juli, berbunyi begini.. "Salam. Major, nk tanya upnm cadets ada nk jd volunteers takfor trikidz ?"
such a sad sms, only the UPNM cadets understand what is going on. the new VC always say that the authority strongly support this Tri Team. weeks ago, we had a club meeting, and the Chief Instructor personally came and telling us what is going on. Message from VC, the Trikidz isn't approved by UPNM new admin, and need approval from Ministry Of Defense. Thatz all i can tell. Yang lain tu, SULIT DARI HAL ANGGOTA. we're just too tiny to involve with all this, so we just follow orders. No doubt Mej Kalam helped us a lot, and this is the time for us to support him. Futhermore, this event will bring up the University's name. We don't question orders, or else we pakai BATTLE ORDER. New Admin, new style. UPNM has changed, no more palm trees by the road side. Lots of new construction, we as Cadet Officers just follow the stream...

thats all for this post...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chan. I recap this sentiment to the truest. FYI, I am in the midst of organising something for triathlon development and leveraging the kind support rendered by the university before. if all goes well, i'll drop you another message. but it should be a happy one this time ok.

yours in tri,
kak Julie @ missjewelz