Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exam Fever

what exam fever is all about....
i'm a person who seldom fall sick.. i think i fall sick less than 3 times a year. but sport injuries can't be avoided, because i'm exposed to higher risk compare to the other cadets who only jog in the evening. days ago Adren or Mat Black did a very impressive run! 38mins for 10km. he deserves that black skin. this whole week i've been fighting hard to "combat" flu, sore throat, and phlegm. i guess that is what exam fever is all about. based on my observation, i tend to fall sick during exam period, because i don't exercise or do less work out. so whenever i have free time, i NEED to swim bike run. i'm improving my strokes, since i have no time for coaching and save my money, my way of learning??? from the internet. it takes time to learn since no body gonna correct me. so i modified my swim style.. i practice 3 strokes and 1 breathe. at first i find it hard to do 3 strokes, not enough breath. then i do more training with power paddle, now getting better. while my cycling getting worse! i think this is the Worst performance of my cycling. my run isn't improving, but slowing down gradually. i'm gonna start my training plan to get myself back in shape before IRONMAN. i'm really running out of time, out of shape, yet the Admin Order hasn't approved by the authority. sigh...
look at this cervelo bike.. super nice la.. but very very costly. furthermore, a lot of cyclist buy cervelo but cycle super slow. haha.. but those TOP cyclist on Cervelo broke world records nearly every year. i wish to have Aerodynamic helmet, i really like the stylistic shape and aero design. but when i look at the price, straight away i say "No way!"..
tomorrow i'll be sitting for my FINAL paper, the only paper left! Introduction to Engineering!!! the whole class got really poor grade! my lecturer, Lt Col (R)IR Ghani Madersah. ish3... his marking is so strict, and very hard to get marks from him. he always claim that he was a chief ragger, and he was commissioned by Queen E..
whatever la.. in my class, coincidence.. all Ops in the Engineering course are in the same class. zk08 m3 we are in.. and our grades also almost the same..
OP Akmal, OP Abu, OP Chan, OP Jay. all in one class. so when our lecturer IR Ghani trying to claim his title chief ragger, we understand why he behave this way=p he talk like a dinosaur with his deep voice, sometimes sounds like terrorist.. hahaha=p hopefully he won't read my blog.
time to rest...


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sakibakidaki said...

u better censored his name la. later on if he googled his name on the internet he might end up reading ur blog. :P

aha one more thing if u have the habit of staying up at night to revise for ur exam, u might get sick. not enough rest. i had it all the time. itulah mak dah pesan never to study last minute but what to do. too busy to study. hehe.