Monday, November 3, 2008

Exam Finale

exam fever is haunting the UPNM cadets, and so do those facing STPM=)
so far my carry marks are just average. last friday when i told my dentist Dato' Dr Hussin about my grades, he said i should have performed better to get at least 3.7. hahaha never ever in my life i get 3.5 and above. i'm a slow learner, so i gotta work slightly harder than the others. i just finished TITAS and ENGLISH 1 final exam just now. yesterday i hamba-kan myself to the lap top for whole day to read those presentation slides. but my effort worth coz i can answer smoothly, only few Qs i gotta squeeze my brain. During the English test, i realize how weak my english is. i really need to buck up. i nearly answer wrongly the whole cloze text! i couldn't differentiate between past tense and present perfect tense! Argh that's so disappointing. luckily last minute Jay kasi wahyu=p MEMO writing was fine, and the composition part quite okay. once they gave me the paper, i straight look for the composition part and start doing mind map(walaupun invigilator tak suro wat). because i know i won't have ample time to complete it. that few minutes really help me!
What topic i did? hehehe definitely something to do with my life right? so that easier to "gebang"... it sounds like this "Should co-curricular activities be made compulsory in universities?"
-Co-curricular activities should be made compulsory in all universities.
better physique, burn fat, build muscles,those who doesn't involve tend to suffer injury when doing light intensity trainings.
better blood flow to the brain, heart health, vitamin, oxygen,handle stress
soft skills, tolerance between races, understand culture, sportsman spirit
-personal growth
manage time, score personal goal, discipline

Lazy to re-do the essay in this blog. tired of writing actually. another 1 week juniors will go POWERMAN, that also if Prof Mahzum come back from Phuket before the race. Or else, kirim salam la nak race.
my introduction to engineering, super low grade weyh!!! the other classes score so well, only my class waaaayyyyyyyy below average. nak lulus pun belum tentu! this is just INTRODUCTION! IR GHANI my strict and stern lecturer warned us during his first class. we tried our best, but still get low marks. =s next sem amik STATIC, memang STATIC la aku dalam engineering ni.. adoi.. i have another 4 years to combat in this engineering war zone.

andai kata aku gugur semua, tabur lah bunga di atas pusara..
aku mohon doa, lecturer jgn kejam..
semboyan telah berbunyi..
menuju medan bakti..

hopefully climb over this big2 wall, then serve the navy as an engineer..
IRONMAN 2009 awaiting, after exam i'll be back!!!

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