Friday, November 21, 2008

train slightly less relax than the others..

this week i completed 7km run for 2 successive days. the muscle pain overwhelming and the lactic acid drowning in my body forcing me to change to lower intensity activity. liters of recovery drink didn't seem to be enough, but experience taught me to be patient, not too avid in pursuing my dream. IRONMAN is just around the corner, Admin Orders have been submitted, now we'll wait for the result. this morning Ahmad and myself went to Hal Ehwal Pelajar and Alumni office, bumped into Prof Mahzum, she was teasing that i requested for a huge amount of money for IRONMAN.
i feel that my swim has improved, but how accurate that "feel" is??? coz i never take timing when i swim, plus i really need a Triathlon watch or any water resistant watch with slim and aero design. i saw a few nice aero helmet, of course the price is "aero" as well=p till one day i have better financial status, i'll get that helmet. sometimes people won't understand why we're willing to spend so much money for this sport, the passion that counts. got to know that i'm in the sportsman award's list, but i don't think the selection is fair enough since those rugby and soccer player who fought hard and won numerous title didn't get a place in the list.
evening went for a swim.. this week i completed the total of 4km swim. this is my first week of intensive training, so i'm not gonna push too hard...

this week i did my technical drawing, but before the drawing... my dad and myself looked for my 0.3 lead for my mechanical pencil. we Le Tour the KL, but still couldn't get. i was at the verge of giving up, or i would say i already gave up. but still my dad patiently drive around KL bring me from grocery shop till bookshops.. at last after hours of searching, we got it in ampang point's POPULAR book shop. its proven that the zeal in my dad is super thick, while his son's eagerness to achieve something is way too low. hahaha...
another week has gone, one week closer to IRONMAN... i'm deeply nervous and i know my muscles gonna cry during the race.
>>cout>>endl.. hehehe

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