Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was contemplating before starting my evening run, the weather was extremely hot. with the thick and heavy KDSI T-shirt, it'll definitely make a good heat training! to make things worse, I had my maroon nylon track bottom on. 10.4km run completed in 49 minutes. 

I walked to the stadium, bumped into the RMN track athletes. One Leftenan Commander called me, and I ran to him, stopped and saluted him. He asked if I wanna join the RMN team. 
"what is the time for 10k and 5k sir?", I asked.
"32 and 15, what is your time?" he said
"Errmm... my 10k is 38 on road sir. I haven't been running track for a long time" I said
"Whatt??!! 38 mins is my time"

Imagine a late 30s officer telling u he runs same speed as u.

I really felt useless at that time =p 
Incidents happening lately made me feel like my life has just started from zero.
I started triathlon from running, and my teacher looked down on me just like what happened this evening. I joined the polo team and was ignored the entire year, this time in the Navy, the special force chased me away from their "territory". I had no money to buy bike, and started cycling late. Now I couldn't bring my bike here and will surely train for cycling relatively late compare to the other 2 disciplines.

I feel reincarnated, stronger and bolder.
I'm gonna dig deep this time to go faster.


UglySaddy said...

Don't worry. You are definitely can improve more!

Hasif Haziq said...

Oh.. speed lari dekat jalan dgn lari dkt track pun ada beza eh? baru tau :)

Henry Wong said...

You are lucky to be in the dream land to train ...