Friday, December 16, 2011


chancellor of UPNM, our King.

After a gloomy moody day yesterday, I woke up fresh and energetic this morning. I have no idea what happened, PMS may be?:P I slept late last night, surprisingly I'm not sleepy this morning. But my brain is telling me that I need to take a nap, so I lied down on my bed to relax my mind after a stressful morning parade. Then I went to academic block to get lecturer's signature, I bumped into Colonel Mohammad. He called me into his room and had a short chat. Then I stepped out of his room, he called me back again, "Chan, I'm proud of u. U bring the good name of RMC. Keep it up and make the ex-boys proud!" I smiled and saluted him before I walked out.

Old Puteras (ex RMC) normally put on our school tie on Wednesday. For years in defence university, I hardly put my RMC tie on. My promise was, I will wear the tie only when I feel that RMC can be proud of my achievements. I'm proud of RMC, but can RMC be proud of me? I'm happy with my achievements at this moment, be it academics or sports or arts. Just so u know, I'm the university champion for Sayembara deklamasi puisi! That's my hidden talent discovered by Associate Prof Daruis Lidin during my foundation year :) That was my first time deklamasi sajak, and straight away I qualified for nationals. I represented institute of  Higher Learning, competed with participants from all over Malaysia. Since then, occasionally I'll practice my pantun on Facebook. I love arguing in pantun, I feel content when somebody fails to reply my pantun:P

Seriously, glad that I'm feeling alright today. Not sure how long will this last. I'm extremely broke right now, looking forward for the Pay Day!!! This month I'll be getting bonus, though not much, but that's enough to make a student happy;)

Makan petai mulut berbau,

Apakan daya sudah mengidam,

Jawab ujian banyak tak tau,

Perah otak selama dua jam.

Jemputan pakai segak bergaya,

Ceria meriah seronok berdansa,

Habis kudrat Tidak berdaya,

Berat hati namun terpaksa.

Ada kawan seorang gadis,

Anggun paras cantik rupanya,

Namun liat tak habis-habis,

Kepala batu itu masalahnya.

Selak dompet tinggal hijau sekeping,

Dok Di bilik berpuasa sajalah,

Hilang selera kurus kering,

Aku lapar siapa nak blanja?

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