Friday, August 19, 2011

Asics GS Trainer 15 Review

this is my new Asics GS Trainer 15, clocked 30km on the road already.
I had inner left knee pain few weeks back, with this shoes I can go long distance without pain.
my knee pain problem has been partially solved=)
as a light weight stability shoes, this training shoes of mine can actually be used as a race shoes for long distance races. the laces are off centered, i'm not so sure why they design it that way. whatever the reason is, the snug fit gave me very comfortable feel while running. the toe box is roomy as well=)

dual density provide stability for overpronator like me=)

midfoot support

I've tried running down hill with this shoes. even with heavy heel strike, it still provide very smooth transition from heel to toe off.

the greeny gel looks yummy=)

less chaffing and abrasion

mesh area at the top side allows very good ventilation during long distance especially for malaysia's hot weather marathon.

breathable. u can see, u can feel=)

yesterday's swim training at night.
so my Brooks Ozone will be decomissioned from active duty. thanks for serving me well and helped me clock 3hours 38minutes at Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

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