Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 37: Fortunate Accident

i'm awake at 0730H, opened up my window and see no body at the pool.
seaview as usual is so quiet at this time, they're not early bird after all.

calculated my marathon time, and i doubt if i can clock 3.15.
that's blazing fast speed with the pace of 48minutes 45 seconds for 10km!
it is not impossible though.
but to be realistic and honest to myself, i'm telling myself to surrender early.
my previous marathon which was 3 years back, i did 3hours 50 minutes.
this year i'm aiming 3.30. i expect better speed when race day, as i will have apply my "race day nutrition plan" which i don't do it in normal days. shoes selection will be prioritized based on comfort rather than speed.

chan jun shen is in confuse state of mind. nervous at the same time.
clocking 3 hours 15 minutes is a fortunate accident.
this Sunday will be my rest day, next Sunday gonna be the Race Day.
u will see this dying face next Sunday.

3hours 15 minutes = serendipity
sub 4 hours = surrender-pity

gonna watch serendipity AGAIN, for the 3rd time i think...
yea i like to watch nice movies many many times.

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Muhammad Amirul Hafiz said...

pergh.. 3jam 15 = average 4minute 36sec per km
pecah jantung