Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 35 & 36: Blind Folded

Day 35
feeling lethargic and demotivated. zero running.
Buffet dinner with Ethan's family. the barbeque and seafood was really splendid.
Roselyn walk passed the pool when i was conducting swim class "Hey u swim teacher"
i was wondering why everybody in seaview call it "swim teacher" instead of "swim coach"
it doesn't matter, as long as it carries the same meaning. Ethan can now swim with board, and start doing the single arm swim drill, in no time he will need no board=)

days in Penang is wonderful when i'm blessed with nice landlord like Alvin and friendly Ethan's family to bring me around to try out new delicious food of Penang. at times when i'm financially tight, i will tell myself "money will i get later, but time in Penang is too precious for me and i will go all out for it, be it physically or financially". in the future even when i become millionaire in the military (which sounds so impossible), i will NEVER EVER have this again.

i enjoy every single bit of my stay in Penang. absolutely no regrets for coming here.

Day 36
its a long awaited Saturday=)
morning run was average. had diarrhea in the morning before run, and the whole night i was sweating in my room. had too much of black pepper at last night's dinner.
45mins 44 secs. same time as yesterday.

came back from running, saw Alvin just woke up.
asked him out to go fishing after breakfast.

went with a packet of sotong as bait, came back empty pail.
so we tried our luck near R&R Bagan Ajam, got nothing. saw a few men walking in the water carrying rug sack, curious me start to ask questions.
this is what they're hunting for.
Alvin got it for free from those Indian kids

came back and cooked it, and we both didn't even see tiny bit of flesh.

Mantis Prawn
Fried Char Siew

Tom Yum fish
At Gurney Plaza, had my very nice Berry ice cream. it was extremely expensive.

instead of ending my posts with codes, i'll start writing pantun after this.

kian lama dalam tentera,
kabur kelabu dunia di luar,
kini sudah jelas tertera,
mana bagus mana mencabar.

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